Podcast: Tips for Buying a Used Shotgun

In this episode, host Reid Bryant interviews Jordan Smith, Orvis’s gunsmith and shotgun expert from the Orvis Gun Room, on what to look for and be careful of when buying a used shotgun at gun shows, on the Internet, or at auction.

And congratulations to Reid and Tom for both making the Sporting Classics list of Eight Great Outdoor Podcasts.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: Tips for Buying a Used Shotgun”

  1. Alright! Thanks for putting Jordan back on the air. Always glad to hear a new H&S podcast. Now if only I could afford one of those nice used doubles you guys were talking about.

  2. Great information. Thanks for posting. A topic of interest to me would be a to learn about the process of purchasing a mid priced gun, as compared to say a Purdey, but having a 3rd party gun fit then having a custom stock made. My first question would be how do others approach the wood grade when buying the gun? Do they keep the original stock in the closet in case of resale. Can a custom stock be reconfigured for another manufacturer’s gun?

  3. Listened to this on my way to buy a used Ruger Red Label, my first over/under and man was it spot on. I felt much more confident in my purchase and indeed the gun has been a pleasure to shoot. Thanks for putting such a great podcast together, I’m hooked!

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