Top 10 Reasons Pheasant Hunting Is Better Than Golfing

Who would rather golf than do this?
Photo courtesy Paul Nelson Farm

In the sporting world, all eyes are focused on young American golfer Jordan Spieth, who is trying to join an elite group: those who have won a Grand Slam by coming out on top in all four major tournaments of the year. But the folks at Paul Nelson Farm have a different opinion on golf and put together this fun list. Do you agree?

  1. You get to keep your birdies (and eat them, too).
  2. The more shot opportunities, the better.
  3. You don’t see rabbits like this (below) out on many courses. (We’re not sure that’s an advantage, but jackrabbits are always attention-getters).
  4. The “Pro” carries a gun.
  5. The clothes are better (no knickers or argyles!).
  6. You get to share the day with man and woman’s best friend.
  7. A hole-in-one may be a thrill, but so is that perfect aim from your favorite shotgun.
  8. Our water hazards, a.k.a. sloughs, are designed by the best course architect of all time: Mother Nature.
  9. It’s much more exhilarating hearing the shout of “rooster,” than “fore!”
  10. No shhhhing needed—just listen for the irrepressible sound of the cackling pheasant, flushing skyward.

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