Video: A Wonderful Dog’s-Eye View of a Pheasant Hunt

I look at a lot of videos for these blogs, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of attempts at shooting with a dog-mounted camera, but none of the resulting videos lived up to the promise. Until now. This is a gorgeous look at the whole pheasant-hunting experience from the dog’s point of view. It captures the flushes, the flights, and the retrieves in all their glory. Just look at the photo below and consider how it freezes that amazing moment of action and anticipation. Wow. How is it possible that this video has just 31 views?

One thought on “Video: A Wonderful Dog’s-Eye View of a Pheasant Hunt”

  1. Wow, the most incredible video I think I have ever seen. I love it from the dogs perspective. Great job!!!!

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