Video: An English Upland Hunter Experiences America for the First Time

Written by: Reid Bryant

A few weeks back, my friend Jonny Carter, the face of Youtube’s TGS Outdoors, arrived in America with a specific goal in mind: Jonny wanted to shoot bobwhite quail in the southeast, and he wanted to do so with a glorious new titanium-barreled 28-gauge from Longthone Gunmakers. What transpired was an adventure I’ll not soon forget, and a chance to see a guy who is quite proficient at shooting high incomers navigate the occurrence of low, small birds that fly every which way. Jonny performed admirably, and Jim and Elaine Stewart, owners of Longthorne Gunmakers, got to see their dainty little 28 perform. I was lucky enough to tag along. The whole enterprise was tidied up on video that is now available here. Many thanks to George Hi Plantation for the generous hosting.

Jonny (left) and Reid celebrate a first quail.

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