Video: A Man, His Dog, and Ruffed Grouse

Our colleague Scott McEnaney, Senior Manager of Orvis Adventures, loves to hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock behind his dog, Brix. In this great video from Northwoods Collective, Scott talks about what makes Brix special, and we get to see them both in action. Here’s the video description from Youtube:

Scott McEnaney is a Vermont native that takes New England culture to the next level. When you do not find him tapping Maple trees for syrup or at the office for Orvis. You can find him leading the charge in a local chapter for the Ruffed Grouse Society to help promote healthy forests in the area not just for himself but for future generations.

One thought on “Video: A Man, His Dog, and Ruffed Grouse”

  1. Hey Scott,
    Love those setters! Beautiful dogs. Where did you get your boy?
    I got my girl from Lilley hill kennels in Plainfield Vermont.

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