Video: Shooting at the Orvis Manchester School

Here’s a great episode of “Outdoor Journal,” produced by Vermont Public Television, focused on the Orvis Wingshooting School. Here’s the description:

Like any hand eye sport, success at shooting clay targets or wing shooting requires practice and proper mechanics. Anyone who’s swung a golf club or pitched a baseball knows that the slightest change in mechanics can result in either disaster or tremendous success. Thanks to shooting instructors at Orvis, the wing shooting skills of thousands of waterfowl and upland bird hunters have been improved since 1973, when they opened their first shooting school in Manchester, Vermont.

There are tons of great shooting tips in this episode, as well as reminders of the basics we all need to remember.

Click here to find an Orvis Wingshooting School near you.

2 thoughts on “Video: Shooting at the Orvis Manchester School”

  1. This video really shows how helpful a shooting school is. I think it’s very good for hunters to sign up.

  2. I have shot with Bruce Bowlen several times and he is truly is a pleasure to work with. Great guy and great instructor.

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