Video: The Perils of Scouting for Ducks in Florida

Former Orvis Chairman Leigh Perkins was out scouting for ducks near his home in the Florida Panhandle, when he encountered the kind of obstacle you don’t find much in Vermont during duck season. . .or any season.

As they tried to sneak past the gator, it decided to take them on.

Here’s the damage that an angry gator can do to a bumper.
Photo courtesy Leigh Perkins

3 thoughts on “Video: The Perils of Scouting for Ducks in Florida”

  1. used to hunt ducks out of a boat in central florida . didn’t take the gators long to associate shotgun blast with the dinner bell. once you put down a duck it was a race to see who got to it first. had as many as 8 gotors surrounding the boat at times. boy the stupid things you do when your young

  2. I have spent a lot of time around gators and that behavior looks to me like a Momma protecting her nest. I have never had a gator strick any type of vehicle or even attempt to, but when it comes to protecting their nest, it is a new set of rules.

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