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Photos: Matthew and “El Rojo Toro”

Written by: Toby Swank, Fins & Feathers Fly Shop

Young Matthew put in the time, under tough conditions, and saw his effort pay off in a big way.
Photos by Toby Swank

It’s day three, and the wind is blowing 20 out of the north–down from 30 to 40 the last two days. The water is dirty, stirred-up by the steady gale deviating from the prevailing norm. The sun is to my . . .


Classic Video: The Fishiest Little Crick On Earth

Written by: Phil Monahan

Dry Run Creek is a stream in Arkansas that is open only to children under 16 and qualified handicapped anglers. That leaves the rest of us to just watch and drool. Yet another example of George Bernard Shaw’s brilliant observation: . . .


Photos and Video: Into the Backcountry for Life Lessons

Written by: Will Lillard, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Big Yellowstone cutthroat trout were the main targets for these high-school students.
Photos courtesy Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Teenagers these days, like many of us, are attached to their cell phones. But for 19 days this group of 12 high-school students traded in their electronics for fly rods and a trip through the Greater . . .


Photos: Sisters on the Water and a Father’s Pride

Written by: Matthew Calderaro,  Soca Cowboy

Sophia (left) shows off a fine rainbow, netted by her sister, Michaela.
Photos by Matthew Calderaro

As a father, you can only dream your children will follow in your footsteps and love the things you love. In my house, fly fishing is not a hobby. It is my life, it is my business, and it is my identity. . . .


Photos: Family Fishing Day at the Ranch

Written by: Kaitlin Groundwater, Madison Valley Ranch

What’s better than witnessing the joy of a child discovering the magic of fly fishing?
Photos courtesy Madison Valley Ranch

Fly fishing has an amazing of way bringing people together. At Madison Valley Ranch, our staff, their families, and friends came together for a Family Fishing Day last weekend. We did . . .


Photos: Bentley’s Brown and Unique Hero Shot

Written by: Spencer Higa

No standard grip-and-grins for Bentley. He wants a real hero shot with his brown trout.
Photos courtesy Spencer Higa

Six-year-old Bentley is just learning to fly-fish, and he and his mom went looking for trout on the Lower Provo River here in Utah. Bentley ended up landing this sweet brown, but he wanted . . .


5 Tips for Taking a Kid on a Guided Trip

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips

That big smile suggests that this youngster is hooked for life.
Photos by Kip Vieth

This is the year. You‘ve been thinking about exposing a kid to the wonderful sport of fly fishing, and you’ve decided that he or she is ready. What better way to do it than to take them on a guided . . .