7 Cool Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

She’ll remember the stunning views and unparalleled experience of a hot-air balloon trip for years to come.
Photo by Jason Elkins, Equinox Balloons

It’s almost Mother’s Day…still wondering what to give to the woman who gave you the world? We thought you might be, so we asked ourselves, what would be the most exciting, extraordinary, and coolest way to pay a special tribute to our own moms? After a bit of brainstorming and a lot of searching, we came up with 7 special ideas to fill her day with memories that will last a lifetime What adventure are you going to share with your mother?

1. Soar to New Heights
Take mom hot-air ballooning. Bring along a bottle of nice bubbly and some fruit or chocolate-covered strawberries to share as you glide far above the earth. Don’t forget the camera—you’ll be giving mom the gift she wants most, a memory of a shared adventure with her family. Your mom will fondly remember this experience forever. You’re virtually guaranteed she’ll post this adventure on social media and tell her friends how thoughtful you are. Equinox Hot Air Balloon Rides offers private hot air balloon rides in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit Equinox Hot Air Balloons Rides or call Jason at 480-280-9002.

Does mom have a need for speed?
Photo via cloud9living.com

2. Give Her the Gift of Speed
What’s on your mom’s bucket list? If she’s got a love for luxury automobiles and is a bit of a thrill-seeker, this is the perfect gift. Give her an exhilarating race-car-driving experience. She can buckle into the driver’s seat of an exotic high-end vehicle like a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari F430 Spider or jump into the passenger seat for a racing lesson from a professional Nascar driver. From New York to San Diego, there are endless possibilities and options coast-to-coast. Visit Cloud9 Living for more information.

Alice Waters will spend three days sharing her expertise at the mecca of American agrotourism, Blackberry Farm.
Photo via blackberryfarm.com

3. Treat Her to an Unparalleled Farm-to-Table Experience
Book her a three-day celebration at the luxury agrotourism retreat Blackberry Farm with groundbreaking chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. Blackberry Farm Food and Beverage Director, Andy Chabot explains how special this event is going to be. “Thanks to Alice Waters, that whole concept of sourcing locally and seasonally available foods almost seems common place today. It’s this same philosophy that Alice Waters championed that informs the cuisine of Blackberry Farm. Source as locally as possible and we will both support our community and create food that is more healthful, seasonal and flavorful and it will naturally showcase a true sense of place.” Mom can delight in tasting demonstrations and presentations by Waters, enjoy a tour of the farm’s expansive organic gardens, wine tasting, and more. Click here or call 1-800-557-8864 to reserve her spot.

In 1971, the Apollo 14 carried tree seeds along on the flight and these were later germinated as “Moon Trees”! One of the many American Heritage trees available to give your mom a very unique piece of history.
Photo by American Heritage Trees

4. Plant A Living Piece of American History
This is a truly memorable gift that combines our nation’s rich historic heritage with conservation in a gift that will life on for generations. Buy her a tree from American Heritage Trees and plant it in the yard where she can enjoy it every day. Each tree is associated with key people and significant events that framed our country’s history. You can choose from a red maple from Walden Woods, a tulip poplar from Mount Vernon, a magnolia from William Faulkner’s home in Mississippi, even trees from seeds that accompanied Apollo 14 astronauts to the moon. Each tree has a unique historic lineage from famous and historic locations. Seedlings and cuttings are grown on the Rice Farm, a celebrated Tennessee Century Farm dating back to 1800. Learn more at American Heritage Trees.

Your family history is something everyone can learn from.
Map via ancestry.com

5. Give a Gift that Will Go Down in History
How about giving her an entirely different tree—her family tree. A subscription to Ancestry.com can help mom discover your individual family’s history and start a family tree. With easy-to-use record searches and tree-building tools she can enjoy hours of detective work discovering long-ago ancestors, investigating family legends, and learning how these unique narratives led to your own family story. Get her started today at Ancestry.com.

A book of memories can be anjoyed over and over.
Photo via shutterfly.com

6. Create a Gift She’ll Treasure Always
Make her a special book of collected photo memories that she can smile at over and over, and proudly display for all to see. Simply use the variety of options available at Shutterfly.com to personalize a pre-designed photo book or customize one using your own unique talents. Books are offered in a range of sizes and styles, there is even an alternative option for a Photo-Story iPad book that she can carry on her tablet. Create your mom’s personalized storybook at Shutterfly.com.

A day on the water in Ireland mixes sport and history.
Photo courtesy orvis.com

7. Send Her on the Adventure of Her Dreams
From viewing walrus on an Alaskan beach to thrilling at the sight of lions and elephants on an African safari, Orvis offers a range of exciting trips and treks to fulfill the most adventurous of spirits. She can fly fish in Ireland, hike in Patagonia, or experience an exclusive eco-adventure women’s-only week at Belcampo Lodge in the heart of the Maya Highlands in Belize. Contact an Orvis Travel expert online or at 800-547-4322.

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