Adventures with Dad. . .

It’s all about the moments. A lifetime of moments etched into the psyche of every son and daughter. For each of us, those cherished slices of time are intensely personal, immortalized in snapshots and memories, when we had Dad’s complete and undistracted attention. And yet they are all universally connected. A game of catch. Breakfast at the diner for just the two of you. The thrill of that first time Dad dropped his guiding hand and let you cast alone. It’s a feeling that never grows old. It’s the passing of passions and traditions from one generation to the next. For Dad, fatherhood may be the greatest adventure, but for his sons and daughters, it’s simply the beginning of a lifetime of adventures with Dad.

Sam Wyman and His Dad, Rich

Photo courtesy Sam Wyman

My father has been fishing with me for as long as I can remember. He would sit me next to him out on the dock, and let me feel the fight of a fish on the line, before I was able to even hold the rod myself. Throughout my youth, we took canoe trips to the local farm pond and caught bass on warm summer evenings. We eventually bought a Lund, and then a Key West boat, taking trips to the north and south shores of Massachusetts, fishing for stripers and bluefish, on the fly and with conventional tackle. This photo comes from a family trip to Florida, circa 1994. Fishing golf course ponds can be extremely productive… Just watch out for the gators! Thanks for all the knowledge over the years, Dad. You taught me to love the outdoors and the thrills of nature, something I will be forever grateful for.

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