The Best Mother’s Day Gifts: 5 Orvis Moms Share their Stories

Since Mother’s Day became an official national holiday in 1914, moms all over America have been celebrated with cards, gifts, and flowers. Inspired by some of the stories we’ve been hearing around the office—as well as by the video above—we asked some Orvis associates to tell us about their favorite Mother’s Day gifts and got the following heartwarming, funny, and all-around uplifting tales of the best Mother’s Day gifts they’ve ever received. Here are their stories and some pretty cute photos, too.

Katie and her daughter Chloe on Mother’s Day 2015.
Photo courtesy Katie Bentley

Katie Bentley
Retail Merchant, Women’s

My best Mother’s Day gift doesn’t actually include a gift. Last year, I got to sleep in, had breakfast in bed (with multiple cups of coffee) and a snuggle with Chloe. Then I went on a nice, long walk with the pugs and Chloe and got to finally catch up on my magazines in the afternoon. For dinner, my husband, Jeff, grilled me a steak, and we had Lulu lemon cake for dessert. Just being with my family and dogs, plus good food, was the best!

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown since from Mother’s Day last year!
Photo courtesy Lara Widdig

Lara Widdig
Women’s Senior Product Developer

I would have to say my best Mother’s Day was the year my twins arrived. I delivered the boys on May 4th, and we were in the hospital for five days, so coming home with them and having Mother’s day two days later was my “Wow, I’m a Mom” reality check. It was a beautiful day, and the boys and I were snuggled up in a room full of congratulatory flowers with all of the windows open—I loved every minute.

Here they are loving the outdoors; look at those smiles!
Photo courtesy Lara Widdig

Sandra’s son, Elias, and daughter, Ren.
Photo by Sandra Gradoia

Sandra Gradoia
Merchandise Coordinator

My kids always give me jewelry that they pick out themselves, and it is always hysterical and awesome!

One of the pieces my kids picked out for me last Mother’s Day—I can’t wit to see what this year brings!
Photo by Sandra Gradoia

Kendra and Edie spend hours outdoors—hiking, gardening, and  foraging in the woods.
Photo by Kendra Gardner

Kendra Gardner
Production Designer Women’s, Home & Pet
Web Design

The first Mother’s Day after our daughter, Edie, was born, my husband, Michael, had a necklace custom-made for me by a local jeweler. Michael had designed the piece himself, and it has Edie’s birthstone and is engraved with her date of birth. I will cherish it forever!

A family hike to the summit of Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Jenette with children (L-R) Henry, Angelina, Isabella, and Charlie.
Photo courtesy Jenette Dill

Jenette Dill
Production Designer
Creative Services

One year, I got this poem that I absolutely love and appreciate. Other than that, I always request good behavior on Mother’s Day (as my daughter Angie a reminds me every year!). And I love all the handmade gifts they make for me in school.

A beautiful poem Jenette’s daughter made for her for Mother’s Day.
Photo by Jenette Dill

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