Earth Day: We Were Green Before It Was Cool!

What’s Not to Love?!
Photo by Paul Gooney

I have a reusable tote bag emblazoned with the slogan, Vermont: We Were Green Before It Was Cool. It’s true. I don’t know if it’s the serenity of the landscape, the improbability of the weather, or the commitment of Vermonters to live and let live, but there is a respect and a reverence for the environment here that I’ve experienced in very few other places.

Orvis was founded in Manchester, VT in 1856. As a company with such deep roots here in Vermont, perhaps it was inevitable that we would attract people hopelessly in love with nature. Conservation is at the very heart of our brand, so much so that each year we donate 5% of our pre-tax profits to protecting nature. In fact since 1989 Orvis has raised and donated more than $20MM!

Through our Matching Grants, we encourage our customers to get involved as well. With so many organizations doing so many worthy projects, deciding which ones to support can be daunting. Each year the Orvis Conservation Committee carefully curates initiatives from around the world, and selects a few that we feel are particularly worthy of our customers’ attention and support. Orvis then matches customer donations, dollar for dollar up to a stated goal, to encourage customers to double their money!

But the Customer Matching Grants are only part of the story. In celebration of Earth Day, take a look at some of what Orvis and you, our customers, accomplished in 2015. (Click the image to enlarge it):

Happy Earth Day!
Photo by Orvis

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