Loop, Twist, Knot—New Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is the easiest way to add a chic finish to any outfit. And there are so many ways to wear one, from a simple, timeless knot at the neck to an intricate loop-and-twist design. With the variety of techniques available, it can be overwhelming to figure out what works best with the many shapes and sizes currently popular. Here we walk you though our favorite ways to style different scarves, with suggestions from the book How to Tie a Scarf: 33 Styles.

From Chapter 2: “Square”—Kerchiefs & Silk Squares

Step One: Use the bias fold to begin. Position the scarf in the center of your neck and wrap the ends around, crossing them behind your neck and then pulling forward.

Step Two: Bring the ends together in front, crossing them at the base of the neck.

Step Three: Tie one knot in the center of the scarf, pulling the ends in opposite directions.

Step Four: Double-knot the scarf and the the ends hang loosely. Twist the knot to one side of your neck so that it rests slightly off-center.

Tip: This classic style pays homage to iconic Parisian chic. Worn in the spring, summer, and early-fall, the Montmartre looks best with bateau tops and blouses.

Tie the Montmartre with the Quail-and-Magnolia Silk Scarf.

From Chapter 3: “Oblong”—Skinny & Wide Scarves

Step One: Drape the scarf around the neck, allowing one end to hang one-third longer than the other in the front. Wrap the longer end of the scarf loosely around the neck.

Step Two: Continue wrapping the longer end of the scarf around the neck until it lies on the front of the chest.

Step Three: Cross the ends of the scarf under the wrapped portion at the base of the neck.

Step Four: Pull one end of the scarf through, creating a knot. Loosen and pull the wrapped portion of the scarf over the knot to hide it.

Tip: This classic style looks best under a peacoat or winter jacket, with the top knot peeking out for additional color.

Tie the Greenwich with: Mixed-Geo Wool/Silk Scarf and the Black-and-White Tassel Scarf.

From Chapter 4: Embellished, Sequined, Ruffled, & Tassled

Step Two: Wrap the longer end around the back of the neck.

Step Three: Pull the longer end of the scarf forward and wrap it loosely around the neck, slightly on top of the first layer.

Step Four: Keep wrapping and layering the scarf until only a small portion remains.

Step Five: Tuck the remaining end of the scarf into the front and the opposite end into the back, hidden in the folds. Adjust the front layers so that the pom-poms are evenly spaced.

Tip: When styling a scarf with pom-poms or other trimmings that line the edges, creating a layered look that displays the embellishments (like the Oslo and its following variations) is ideal. Keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple; you don’t want to overwhelm or detract from the embellishments on the scarf.

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