Meet the Winner of a Classic Range Rover in Our Recent Sweepstakes

Carolyn Grebe tries out the driver’s seat of her new Range Rover at the Orvis Flagship store in Manchester, Vermont.

Last September, we launched our latest Drive Off in the Range Rover County sweepstakes. The Grand Prize was a 1995 Range Rover Classic LWB in iconic Epsom Green, carefully restored to its original glory and finished with one-of-a-kind Barbour interior detailing. This vehicle sports a new 4.6L engine, and it has been carefully refurbished with new parts and modern technologies by a highly skilled, dedicated team.


The winner of this incredible vehicle was Carolyn Grebe, from Maryland. According to Carolyn, she has been an Orvis and Barbour customer for more than two decades. In fact, our associates at the Flagship store in Manchester, Vermont, know her by name. Her husband, Bill, took a fly-fishing lesson at the Manchester store 23 years ago, and they fell in love with the area, eventually building a second home in nearby Dorset, Vermont.

Carolyn’s husband and daughter were with her to celebrate the win!

Thanks to everyone who entered the sweepstakes, and congratulation to Carolyn and all the winners:

3 thoughts on “Meet the Winner of a Classic Range Rover in Our Recent Sweepstakes”

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  2. Carolyn I’m so happy for you… Do I wish it was me… Yes. But I’m glad to know that It went to someone that really is going to enjoy that car I know it’s been two years

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