Photos: For You Lovers of Labradors

This portrait of Daisy captures Claire Norman’s love of Labs.
All photos by Claire Norman

A Labrador is an easy dog to fall for. I know, as I have two and am pretty partial to them. When I stumbled across Claire Norman and her Labradors, I instantly began to follow her, if for no other reason than to brighten my day every time I popped open Instagram and found the remarkable photography of her dogs.

Claire, a professional photographer, lives on the Hertfordshire Essex borders in England. She acquired her first three Labradors—Mocha, Jemima, and Izzy—in 2007, and then Daisy arrived in 2013. The ensuing collaboration of her profession and her love of her dogs was inevitable. The results are striking because she seems to have the ability to get four Labradors to pose like supermodels, which from personal experience trying to photograph my two, is near miraculous. Perhaps that’s what drew me to it.

“The girls have grown up with the camera and will happily pose most of the time for me. They started modeling collars for a local company after I had shown them some of my photos of the girls. I love taking pictures of the girls and capturing their personalities on camera. How do I do that… I think it’s just love, their love for me and mine for them and of course my love of photographing them.”

Personally I think she’s holding out on some secret, but whatever it is, it works and works beautifully. You can follow Claire and her Labradors on Facebook or Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Photos: For You Lovers of Labradors”

  1. We just lost our beautiful Lab Max last Christmas. He was 14 years old and the joy of our life. We have married 45 years and would love to adopt another Lab. My husband had PTS and heart problems. O would love to adopt an older yellow Lab for him.
    Your pictures are beautiful. Labs are the best.
    Happy Holidays from Leigh and Janet Perry oh Utah

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