The Best Dog Gifts for 2022

Dog beds top the list of the best dog gifts of 2022, but to provide a wealth of ideas for every dog and dog lover on your list, we’ve compiled an entire collection great dog gifts. Dogs always love toys and treats, but practical gifts for comfort and convenience hold a special place in a dog’s heart, too. So how do you choose the best dog gifts from all the available options? Relax—we’ve made it easy for you.

Here are some of our all-time favorites, topping the list of the best dog gifts for 2022:

Give your dog pure comfort with a Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed.

The Best Dog Gift for Dogs in 2022: Dog Beds 

The Orvis Memory Foam Dog Bed comfortably conforms to your dog’s body, creating support for muscles and joints while providing a snug sense of security, making it the best gift you can give your dog this year. Yes, we know your bed is possibly the one your dog prefers. But dogs need a special place of their own where they can snooze on occasion. The Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed supports their joints and allows them to relax without your own tossing and turning interrupting their sleep.

A car seat protector gives your dog a comfortable spot on road trips and saves your seat from wear and hair.

Car Seat Protectors 

Your dog loves to go everywhere you go, but your canine co-pilot can be tough on your vehicle’s interior. A hammock-style backseat protector provides a comfortable place for your dog to relax while riding along on your next road trip. And the special materials in our seat protectors will safeguard your seats from mud, water, and claw marks.

You’ll appreciate your protected floors and your dog will appreciate a comfortable staging area for walks and adventures.

Absorbent Doormats 

Keep your floors clean after you return home from an outdoor adventure: Place an absorbent, mud-and-snow-proof door mat in your mudroom or entryway to contain water, dirt, or debris. Thick fibers scrape away snow and mud while absorbing moisture to keep paws and boots—and your floors—clean.

This dog collar makes your dog easy to see at night with a reflective coating and if your dog runs away, this collar allows people to easily find you with your phone number easily visible.

Personalized Dog Collars 

Customized with your dog’s name and your phone number, a personalized collar makes it easier to find him, should you become separated. Choose a Personalized Reflective Dog Collar and leash constructed from materials that increase visibility in low-light conditions. They’ll help keep you and your dog safe on those late-night and pre-dawn walks.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Animal squeaky toys, antler chews, and healthy dog treats make the best Christmas gifts for dogs. The unconditional love they show every moment of every day warrants a special treat for your canine companion this holiday season. We think each item will make them roll over with joy: 

  • A plush Animal Squeaky Toy makes a perfect gift for gnawing, chewing, and keeping your dog busy on long, lazy days.  
  • Elk Antler Chews have gained popularity for good reason: They’re sustainable, long-lasting, and full of minerals good for strengthening teeth. And antler chews make an excellent gift for dogs who are aggressive chewers. 
  • If your dog could speak, he’d tell you these Wild Caught Baltic Sprat dog treats are one of the best gifts you could buy him. He’ll love the taste, and you’ll love how healthy they are.

The Best Gifts for Dog Owners and Dog Lovers 

Dog moms and dads deserve gifts of love, too, so we’ve compiled a collection of the best gifts for every dog owner and dog lover on your list. 

  • It’s unlikely any dog would ever let his loving owner forget to pass out the treats, but a Personalized Glass Treat Jar is sure to jog the memory. It’s beautifully etched with the pet’s name and a whimsical saying. And it’s crafted to look lovely in any décor.
  • Give the gift of comfort to a dog owner in your life with super soft Farm to Feet® Labrador Socks. Made from a moisture-wicking merino, nylon, spandex blend, these toasty socks, featuring a Labrador print, will keep their feet warm and dry.  
  • Our Pewter Medallion Glasses featuring Labrador Retrievers always make a thoughtful gift for dog lovers. Decorative and purposeful, they’re a clever way to raise a toast to a furry friend.
  • From a sudden rain shower to an unexpected dip in the pool, dogs have a way of finding water. An Super Absorbent Dog Drying Towel is a great gift for dog moms and dads to dry their furry friends quickly and efficiently. 

Good Gifts for Dog Walkers

Products that will help a dog walker be more comfortable in the elements, like a waterproof rain jacket, make the best products for dog walkers. Your dog walker is an integral part of your family who loves your dog as much as you do, and who’d appreciate a thoughtful gift that shows them you care. Consider these gifts for your dog walker as the best way to say ‘‘thanks” for all they do.

With so many options for practical or whimsical gifts, it’s easy to buy for every human and dog on your list. Remember, the best dog gifts for 2022 can be simple or flashy, but they’re always given with love. 


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