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Photos and Story: Redfish at the Other End of the Mississippi

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips

Truman Vieth poses with his very first redfish, as Capt. Lucas Bissett smiles proudly.
Photos courtesy Kip Vieth

One of the things that I love most in my life is the Mississippi River. I live on the banks of the Mississippi in Minnesota, not all that far from its source, Lake Itasca. The river is where I call . . .


Photos: Matthew and “El Rojo Toro”

Written by: Toby Swank, Fins & Feathers Fly Shop

Young Matthew put in the time, under tough conditions, and saw his effort pay off in a big way.
Photos by Toby Swank

It’s day three, and the wind is blowing 20 out of the north–down from 30 to 40 the last two days. The water is dirty, stirred-up by the steady gale deviating from the prevailing norm. The sun is to my . . .


Video Tips: How to Prepare for a Guided Saltwater Trip

Written by: Phil Monahan

Capt. Lucas Bissett of Lowtide Charters is back with a couple of short videos that will help any angler preparing for a guided trip on saltwater. Although Lucas guides for redfish in the . . .


Photos: A Free Pass for Redfish on the Louisiana Marsh

Written by: Drew Ross, Looknfishy

Nothing beats a great sight-fishing day on the marsh south of New Orleans.
Photos by Scott Myers

My wife and her best friend took the kids on a weekend trip, leaving me free to get on the water. So I called a buddy in New Orleans, and we made a tentative plan to hit the marsh over the . . .


Podcast: Accuracy in Fishing for Redfish and Other Flats Species, with Lucas Bissett

Written by: Phil Monahan

I don’t know why redfish have a reputation for being easy to catch. Every one I have ever cast to was spooky and suspicious. I’ve also found that when casting to redfish, especially in the . . .


Photos: Wolves in Sheepshead’s Clothing

Written by: Capt. Lucas Bissett

Mikey’s big fish is the new Louisiana record for a fly-caught sheepshead–9.66 pounds!
Photos courtesy Capt. Lucas Bissett

I’ve always thought that sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus) were some of the most challenging and exciting targets we have here in Louisiana, so I wanted to share some . . .


Photos: Game time in Grand Isle

Written by: Drew Ross, Looknfishy

Drew traveled to the marshes of Souther Louisiana for a big redfish, and he found it.
Photos by Drew Ross

Our friend and frequent contributor Drew Ross recently made a trip to Grand Isle, Louisiana for the chance to sight-fish for big redfish. Although the weather conditions weren’t ideal, Drew . . .


Video: Chasing “Cajun GTs” in the Surf

Paul Frischhertz with an average-size jack.
Photos by Paul Frischhertz

Here is a quick video and some shots from a recent trip to a South Louisiana beach where we chased crevalle jacks—a.k.a Cajun GTs—on foot. The action was fast and furious, and the . . .