First Snow

Bernese mountain dogs are named for the Swiss canton of Berne, where the breed was first popularized, although the breed has its origins in the Molosser dogs of the Romans. These were large, mastiff-like dogs that drove and guarded the cattle herds of the invading armies. In Switzerland, Bernese mountain dogs served as general farms dogs, cattle drovers, and sometimes pulled carts. Even in a working capacity, they were known as valued companion dogs, and the breed’s great temperament makes it a wonderful family dog to this day.

Berners, as they are often called, love to be outside. These puppies are ecstatic to have discovered snow, which seems to be their natural element.

* * *

At Orvis, we believe in the power of nature to replenish our spirit and restore balance to our lives. So, when the world seems particularly stressful, take some time to pause and relax with a short #MomentofChill.

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