Gnawing in the Sun

Chewing in curiosity-seeking puppies and young dogs is normal; exploration and learning happens through the mouth and the nose. Like human babies, puppies also chew during teething, maybe to facilitate the eruption of adult teeth, maybe for pain relief. And juvvies use playful, active chewing to displace energy—in some dogs, It keeps the jaws strong and the teeth clean in adult dogs. It combats boredom and relieves mild anxiety. Wild and domesticated dogs have spent hours chewing bones and sticks for thousands of years. In short, canines are made to chew.

* * *

At Orvis, we believe in the power of nature to replenish our spirit and restore balance to our lives. So, when the world seems particularly stressful, take some time to pause and relax with a short #MomentofChill.

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