Video: How to Tie-In the Hair for a Comparadun

This is video number 5 in Tim’s ongoing “How to Tie a Comparadun” series. In recent weeks, Tim has discussed what kinds of hair generally works best; hair length, alignment, tips, and color banding; which hides produce the best hair for Comparadun . . .

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5 Fly-Fishing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

One of the great things about fly fishing is that there’s always something new to learn; dedicated anglers will never run out of new techniques, species, waters, or fly patterns to figure out. This very blog is dedicated to helping anglers of every level, from . . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Predict a Stonefly Hatch

When big trout come to the surface to hammer large stoneflies, anglers can enjoy some of the most exciting dry-fly fishing of their lives. This is why some anglers will travel great distances to fish salmonfly or Skwala hatches. The problem is that . . .

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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 07.19.19

Welcome to the another edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival! Each week, we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available and then serve them up for you to enjoy. This week, we’ve got eleven great productions, with a . . .

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Tom Rosenbauer’s 11 Tips for Hot Feeder-Stream Fishing

Don’t ignore the small feeder streams that empty into better-known waters.
Photo by Buzz Cox

A few summers ago, I spent two days at Orvis-endorsed Madison Valley Ranch in Ennis, Montana. Manager Chris Eaton took me on a great short float through the Channels section of the lower Madison and showed me just how much I have to learn about fly fishing this river, even after fishing it for 25 years. I think I caught one fish for every ten he. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Wade-Fish for Bass and Panfish in the Weeds

Largemouths holding in weedbeds make for great summertime action.
Photo by Drew Price

Everyone knows that bass loves weeds in the summer, but to cover big weed beds efficiently, you often need a boat (although not necessarily a sparkly one). Especially in the South, the lake. . .

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Essay: Why You Should Always Reel with Your “Right” Hand

This redfish didn’t seem to care which hand I was reeling with.
Photo by Irene Kato

One would think that, after 30 years of fly fishing, I would be immune to ridicule for reeling with the “wrong” hand. But there I was, on a boat off the coast off Lido Key, with a seasoned fly-fishing . . .

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