Video: Happy Endings for Rescue Dogs

Sometimes, you just want to end the week on a happy note, and this video from The Forgotten Dog Foundation made me smile. It focuses on some of the successful rescues the Los Angeles organization accomplished in 2011, and it’s wonderful to see the changes in these dogs’ lives. Of course, the work of such an organization is never done, but it’s important to celebrate the successes. So enjoy these wonderful stories of dogs who were reborn because of the heroic acts of a few dedicated individuals.

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Weekend Reading: Two Online Magazines

MT Mag

If you’re looking for some good reading to get your through the chilly weekend, here are two great online publications worth a look. First up is the premier issue of Montana Fly Fishing Magazine. Guess what it’s about? Editors Greg Lewis and Ehren Wells promise to deliver new issues every couple of months, with content focused on “the diverse and expansive fly-fishing opportunities the Big Sky State has to offer.” The first issue features articles on. . .

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Video: Passion for Dogs

Here’s a great, short video about one woman’s lifelong passion for dogs. For her, there’s not too much complexity behind her love for Moxie, her Italian greyhound. Instead, the love itself is the reason. And if others don’t understand or think of her as a “crazy dog lady,” that’s their problem.

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Friday Film Festival 02.24.12

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. There was such an embarrassment of riches this week, I can offer a baker’s dozen videos that will take you from New Zealand, to Canada, to the Indian Ocean, and back to North Carolina, with plenty of other. . .

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Itu’s Bones Hits the Shelves

My friend Carl McNeil‘s long-awaited film Itu’s Bones—co-directed and -produced with his wife, Jeanie Ackley—has finally been released. We ran the trailer back in August, there’s a 10-minute short above, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Here’s Carl’s description of the project: . . .

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Forbes Magazine Exposes Puppy Mills

Madonna of the Mills Trailer from Umbrella Girl Media on Vimeo.

Of all the news media outlets, one where you’d least expect to find an expose of the puppy-mill industry is Forbes magazine. But Allen St. John’s long interview with the filmmaker whose HBO documentary Madonna of the Mills shows that even a financial magazine can have heart.

Some of the facts about puppy mills revealed by Andrew Nibley, a CEO who took off a year and a half to make this documentary, are really astonishing: . . .
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Help Defend the Upper Colorado River

A growing number of anglers, concerned about the health of the upper Colorado River Basin, is putting pressure on legislators to stop diverting water to feed development on Colorado’s Front Range. A group of sportsmen, boaters, wildlife enthusiasts, and others rallied on the steps of the state capitol yesterday to draw attention to the problem and to show Governor Hickenlooper that there is broad-based opposition to the proposed water plan. The governor has gone on record claiming that the water diversion plan “comprehensively addresses impacts to Colorado’s fish and wildlife.”

As most people know, the mighty Colorado River is so dewatered in its lower reaches that it rarely makes it to the Sea of Cortez. So much water is sucked out to supply the needs of Southern California and cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. . .

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Picture of the Day: Bari’s Beauty

Bari's Prize

Bari and her proud grandparents with a lovely pompano.

photo courtesy Capt. Ed Hurst

This wonderful photo showed up in my email the other day, along with a note from Capt. Ed Hurst of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters in Sarasota, Florida:

The young lady, Bari, is 10 years old. She fished on Saturday with her grandparents. She had a little difficulty casting so I helped her with that. BUT she stripped the line, set the hook, and played the fish all on her own. She caught trout, ladyfish, and pompano. There is at least one new fly fisher on the way up. My guess is by next year when she goes again, she’ll do it all by herself. And she’s a sweetheart to boot.

Brava, Bari!

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