Video of the Day: Fall Fun!

Fall Fun from paul swint on Vimeo.

It’s no mystery why sportsmen love fall. From exceptional fishing, to wingshooting, to big-game hunting, it’s definitely a time of plenty. Here’s a great video from Utah’s Paul Swint that shows the kinds of opportunities on display in the Beehive State. Hat tip: Moldy Chum.

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Picture of the Day: Kings of New York

Feltrinelli salmon

Western New York guide Scott Feltrinelli with a Johnson Creek king salmon.

photo courtesy Scott Feltrinelli

Webster, NY-based fly-fishing guide Scott Feltrinelli sent in this photo with a note:

“My client and I caught a bunch of these king salmon and then released them back into the wild of Johnson’s Creek in West Rochester, New York. These fish were on the bite for about two hours, chasing egg patterns.”

I wonder how that Hydros grip tastes.

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Tragic tale of abuse has a heartwarming ending

After being thrown off a highway overpass, this beautiful young lab has made a full recovery and found a new home.

photo by HEATHER L. SMITH/Aurora Sentinel

A story that started with horrific animal abuse now has a heart-warming ending. Five months ago, someone threw a young yellow-Lab puppy off an overpass in Aurora, Colorado, and she plummeted onto the highway below, severely tearing the ACL on one of her legs and breaking her canine tooth on impact. As if that weren’t bad enough, she was very nearly run over by five different cars. Luckily, she survived and was brought to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, where she was treated for. . .

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Friday Film Festival 10.21.11

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing footage available. In this week’s collection, we witness the beginning of trout season in New Zealand, which is hopefully the harbinger of many great videos to come over the next six months. We’ve also got great steelhead action from Oregon, big-river cohos on the Skeena, and excellent saltwater. . .

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Hey, I recognize those hats!

So there I was, bored to death by Monday Night Football (Jets v. Dolphins was a total snoozefest) when one of those funny ESPN commercials came on. You know it’s a crappy game when you sit up in your chair for a commercial. Halfway through the fake-archaeologist sketch, I thought, “Hey, I know those hats.” Sure enough, I saw this email the next day from the guys at Orvis New York: . . .

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Picture of the Day: Old World Brook Trout?

Pyrenees Brook Trout

This brook trout, from a stock introduced to the Pyrenees of northeastern Spain back in the 1950s, is a long way from its native waters. But just like their cousins in the New World, these fish can’t resist hopper patterns.

photo by Sandy Hays

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English bulldog held for ransom in Washington

Jagger, an English bulldog, has been dognapped and held for ransom.

photo courtesy McKenzie Thomas

It’s a nightmare scenario that’s been the subject of many books and movies, but this time it’s a dog that has been taken and is being held for ransom. According to a woman from Woodland, Washington, her English bulldog named Jagger disappeared on October 4th, and she has received texts from the “dognappers” demanding cash and prescription drugs. As if these criminals. . .

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