The Upper Colorado: A River on the Brink

As with many rivers of the American West, the Upper Colorado River is facing a crisis in the balance between keeping a river intact and “alive” and the water needs of the region’s population. But water needs for drinking water is one thing; water “needs” for keeping one’s sprinkler going in order to have a plush lawn of blue grass in an arid region is quite another.

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Introducing “Ask a Casting Instructor”

Peter Kutzer casting

Peter Kutzer strutting his stuff on the Orvis casting ponds.

Our Tuesday Tips on casting have been so popular that we’ve decided to add a new feature to “Ask a Casting Instructor”! If you’re having a problem with casting in general, casting in specific angling situations, or progressing to the next level of distance or accuracy. . .

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Removing a Hook with Style

We dig the style of English graphic designer and fanatical angler Steve Edge. Back in February, we featured a video of his attempt to hook and land a Ferrari in the narrow streets of London. Now he offers really good advice on how to remove a hook that’s been buried in someone’s. . .

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First Redfish in the Grass

First Wade in 2011 Capt. Tuck Scott 3/17/11 from Bay Street on Vimeo.

We are T-minus 12 days until trout season here in Vermont, but some of our southern compatriots are getting an early start to their fishing year. Here’s a great video from Capt. Tuck Scott of Bay Street Outfitters in Beaufort, South Carolina, who recorded his very first wading trip for redfish.

“Here in Beaufort, we love our tailing redfish, and about half way through the winter we start dreaming about warmer days so the fish will start tailing again,” he writes. “Usually tails don’t start. . .

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Tuesday Tip: The Roll Cast

In our last lesson, we discussed how to add line during the cast. But what do you do when you can’t make an overhead cast because there’s no room for a backcast? In many situations, bushes, parked cars, or even people make it impossible to throw the line behind you. That’s when you need to break out the roll cast. . .

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Murph Training IX: Murph’s First Blind Retrieve

murph with dummy

Murph sizes up his dummy 

photo by Tim Bronson

This weekend, I took Murph with me when I took my son to play in a hockey tournament in Connecticut. Four games and four practices in a three-day period gave me a lot of time in the hockey rink parking lot to work with Murph on a number of things.

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In the Loop 03.28.11

We’re still freezing our butts off up here in Vermont, even if the snow is mostly gone, but it’s heartening to know that the trout opener is less than two weeks away. Here’s a short video on how the New Jersey Department of Fish & Wildlife is getting ready for their Opening Day by stocking local rivers. There are some breeder fish in the mix, and you can see a serious hog. . .

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Friday Film Festival 03.25.11

Film Festival2

TGIFFF! Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Fest, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week’s videos span the globe, from Greenland to Argentina, and may involve more species than we’ve ever covered on a single Friday. Lots of topwater action is a real bonus. Enjoy!

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New App Helps You Choose Seafood Wisely

seafood watch app2

The New Seafood Watch App for Android

I love seafood, but I have read enough to know that my gastronomical preferences might be contributing to the demise of some of my favorite fish! Two-thirds of fish stock worldwide require rebuilding. Aquaculture is now responsible for half the seafood consumed on the planet. Some aquaculture practices are very harmful to the environment, while many are environmentally responsible. Enter Monterey Bay Aquarium’s  Seafood Watch app, which I now keep on my iPhone and refer to all the time. MBA is a world leader in seafood research and consumer education. This app advises which seafood are responsible choices from a sustainability viewpoint. I highly recommend it. — Perk Perkins Orvis CEO

Remember the days when you went to the store, bought what you needed and went home again without much thought to it? Now there are choices for organic, Fair Trade, eco-friendly and a whole host of other things. Welcome to the age of the conscious consumer. All of us are beginning to recognize that things we do have an impact on our planet and that through thoughtful consumerism we can make a difference.

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Senyo’s Wiggle Stone

Since we tied a jointed streamer, The Knucklehead, last week, I figured we’d try a jointed nymph. The Wiggle Stone is the creation of Greg Senyo of Steelhead Alley Outfitters in Ohio. This pattern should work great in the high water of spring, when stonefly nymphs are on the move, and trout are looking for big morsels after a long winter of eating tiny stuff.

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