The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast Interviews Lori-Ann Murphy and April Vokey in Belize

This week we’re bringing you a special video podcast from Belize, where I spent some time chatting with two of the most dynamic women in fly fishing, Lori-Ann Murphy, fishing manager of El Pescador Lodge and founder of Reel Women Fly Fishing (and co-star of this year’s “Pirates of the Flats” TV show), and April Vokey, noted steelhead guide, teacher, and TV personality. We get sidetracked and the discussion goes from permit to steelhead. This is the first of a series of podcasts with noted female anglers in celebration of the American Museum of Fly Fishing’s new exhibition “A Graceful Rise, Women in Fly Fishing–Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”, which opens on June 11 and 12 (

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Enter the “My Favorite Dog Breed” Contest

Golden retrievers and Labs are two of the most beloved dog breeds. But all dogs are great companions for all kinds of reasons. Now you have a chance to win a FREE Orvis Dog Bed because of your love of dogs! In the comments section below, leave your favorite breed of dog, or mixed breed, and tell us why you love it so much. Other visitors can can then “like” your comment by clicking the “thumbs up” next to it. The most thumbs up by 4 PM Monday, May 9, wins a FREE Orvis Dog Bed. Encourage your friends to vote! Have fun.

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Tips for Protecting Spawning Redds

The cutthroat, named for the vibrant orange or red slash marks along its lower jaw, is Montana’s state fish. Historically, the westslope cutthroat ranged west of the Continental Divide throughout Montana but their numbers are rapidly declining due to hybridization with rainbows, degradation of habitat, and warmer temperatures. More and more fisherman are catching cut-bows and fewer and fewer anglers are catching true cutthroat. In order to help preserve the next generation of trout in Montana, please avoid stepping on redds this spring. Click Read More to learn more about what spawning redds look like, so you can avoid them and benfit the next generation of cutthroat and rainbows.

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Secrets of Springtime Smallies

Smallmouth bass are some of the most fun fish to catch on a fly. They hit hard, fight hard, jump, and are more than willing to take a fly. Catching smallies on the fly is something that I love to do, and the springtime is my favorite time to do it.

Smallmouth bass start switching into spawn mode at about the same time as the. . .

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In the Loop 05.02.11

Cath Magazine

The latest issue of Catch Magazine features a cool video of fishing for golden dorado in the backcountry somewhere in South America, as well as the usual assortment of fine photography from Argentina to Tanzania to Montana. [Click “Read More” for even more links.]

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2011 Upper Clark Fork Project Update

It’s been an exciting spring on the Upper Clark Fork. The Clark Fork Coalition and Trout Unlimited each hired additional staff to work specifically on restoring priority tributaries in the upper basin—so a big welcome is due to Andy Fischer of CFC and Casey Hackathorn of TU. 

Winter has been holding on a little longer this year across western Montana, and the snow just keeps on falling. But the cold hasn’t kept CFC staff from hitting the field to work on dozens of projects in the upper river. Here’s a quick overview on tributaries receiving funding through The Orvis Commitment:

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Friday Film Festival 04.29.11

Film Festival2

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week, our selections take us from Utah to France, from Argentina to Wisconsin, and on a jaunt around the globe. Plus, we answer the question, “Can carp fishing be beautiful?”

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Trout Bum of the Week: Matt Canter

Matt Canter

Matt Canter with a false albacore taken off the coast of North Carolina.

photo courtesy Matt Canter

Matt Canter is a fishing guide and manager of Brookings’ Outfitters in Cashiers, North Carolina. The other day, he sent us a report and some pictures from a recent camping trip with his buddies in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It seems like a trip that exemplifies the Trout Bum ethos:

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Tying the Slumpbuster

Here in Vermont, we’re suffering through one of the wettest Aprils in memory. Combined with the huge snowpack we had, all this rain has pushed the rivers up into the trees. As I drive along the Battenkill every morning on my way to work, thinking about how I’m going to approach the river once it becomes even marginally fishable, I picture big, ugly, commotion-creating streamers. Anglers in the Midwest and in parts of the Rockies are facing similar conditions, trying to deal with too much water.

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