Trout Bum of the Week: Bryan Eldredge

Bryan Eldredge

Bryan Eldredge with a gorgeous Utah brown trout.

Welcome to our second “Trout Bum of the Week” post, in which we’ll highlight one of the guys living the good life…of a sort. Most of them are guides who have turned their passion into a vocation, spending their time in an outdoor “office” that may include a drift boat, gorgeous mountain scenery, and crystal clear water. Others do have day jobs but manage to spend every other available minute on the water with a fly rod in hand. Whether you aspire to one lifestyle of the other, it’s illuminating to explore the different paths these men and women have taken on their way to achieving “trout bum” status. Plus, if you leave a comment below the post, you can qualify to win a FREE shirt from our new Trout Bum Collection.

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part


Sure, fishing season is open, but runoff is in full swing here in the Battenkill Valley. I consider the ‘Kill fishable when the Battenville gauge (which is quite a way downstream from us) reads below 1,200cfs, but springtime streamer action is best at 900cfs. As you can see, the river is churning along at almost 3,000cfs, which means that it’s in the trees in many places. Grrr. How’s your local water doing?

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In the Loop 04.14.11


The Virginia Fly Fishing Festival is among the biggest events of its kind.

Anglers in the greater Washington, DC, area have a great fly-fishing weekend coming up. First, tomorrow is the annual Jim Range National Casting Call, sponsored by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. The event is designed to provide government decision-makers with the opportunity to fish for shad in the Potomac River and learn about the importance of fisheries conservation. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, the 11th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing Festival will be held on the banks of the South River in Waynesboro, Virginia.

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The Grassett Deep Flats Bunny

Grassett with a seatrout

Capt. Rick Grassett’s brother, Kirk, with a seatrout that fell to the Deep Flats Bunny.

photo courtesy Rick Grassett

As I drifted over a deep grass flat in the shadow of John Ringling’s Ca’ d’Zan mansion on Sarasota Bay, I stripped my fly next to my flats skiff, mesmerized by the pattern’s wiggle. In an instant, there was a flash, as a fat 22-inch seatrout inhaled the fly and my fly line came tight. Not only did my new fly. . .

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Enter the “What’s your dog’s name and Why?” Contest!

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Jack
Jack takes it easy

Photo by Jennifer, Mansfield

Win a FREE Orvis Dog Bed with your dog’s help! We thought we’d have some fun with today’s Dog of the Day post with a contest. In the comments section below, leave your dog’s name and the reason for that name. Other visitors can can then “like” your comment by clicking the “thumbs up” next to it. The most thumbs up by 4 PM Friday, April 15, wins a FREE Orvis Dog Bed. Encourage your friends to vote for your dog! Have fun.

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Orvis-Supported Rhino Conservation Leader Wins Esteemed Goldman Prize


 black rhino

The black rhino of Zimbabwe is threatened by poachers


Orvis has learned that Raoul du Toit, African Rhino Program Coordinator for the International Rhino Foundation, is the well-deserved recipient of a 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize! Raoul’s grassroots mission and effort to save the black rhinos of Zimbabwe from poachers caught our eye last year, resulting in a partnership Orvis is proud to support and promote as one of our own 2011 Orvis Commitment efforts.

The Prize recognizes individuals from six regions around the world for sustained and significant efforts to protect and enhance the natural environment, often at great personal risk. Raoul plans to put his award right back into the Lowveld Rhino Trust programs in Zimbabwe to continue his good work.

To learn more, or to make an easy donation to help save the Rhinos of Zimbabwe from poachers who kill the rhinos for their horns, please go to our Orvis Commitment . Orvis will match your donation, and together we can all support Raoul and the International Rhino Foundation in an effort to protect the black rhino from poachers.

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Spring Creeks and Strike Indicators

Mike Heck

The author with a nice rainbow from a Pennsylvania spring creek.

photo courtesy Mike Heck

I guide a lot of fly-fishing trips every year.  But until a couple weeks ago, I’d never had clients ask the same question four times in three trips.  Our Eastern Pennsylvania spring creeks can be some of the most difficult to fly fish, and they have a reputation for extra-wary trout.  So, as we were gearing up, several different anglers asked trepidatiously, “Can I use strike indicators”?  They seemed. . .

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A Happy Listener

Cesal pike 1

Adam Cesal with a pike that he caught using tips from Tom Rosenbauer’s recent podcast.
photo courtesy Adam Cesal

We recently received a letter from Adam Cesal of Spokane, Washington, who had listened to Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast on pike fishing and then gone right out to put his newfound knowledge to work. From the pictures he sent, it looks like he had a pretty good time. Here’s Adam’s note to Tom:

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Pattern Your Shotgun for Turkey Season

Every turkey hunter gets excited about the upcoming season as soon as they see birds strutting out in the fields. So we start doing a little scouting to find some turkey tracks and fresh scratchings, and this gets us even more psyched for opening day. Most of us will check out our old gear and maybe break out some calls and start to practice our calling a bit. Some will get some new gear and look at new guns. We try to get every advantage we can, including buying specialized turkey loads and new extra full chokes. It’s all part of the fun of turkey fever.

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Tarpon Hook-Up in the Keys

Orvis Rod & Tackle manager Steve Hemkens shared a boat with angler Fletcher White and Capt. Nick Varnberg during the annual Orvis Lodge Retreat in Key Largo over the weekend and managed to. . .

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