Quest for a Snakehead

Snakehead 1

After a year of trying, guide Rob Snowhite finally landed his snakehead on a fly.

photo Courtesy Rob Snowhite

I have wanted to catch a northern snakehead (Channa argus) since I first heard about their introduction into the Potomac river around 2004. I didn’t give much thought as how to go about catching one on a fly or even think it was possible until I saw a photo of one caught during the 2010 shad run by Trent Jones–who works at Orvis Clarendon and is a fellow member of the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders, our local Federation of Fly Fishers club. From then on, I was dedicated to catching one of these elusive fish.

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Pic of the Day – A Beauty

Steve from Elizabethton took this great shot that captured an array of colors, both of the trout and the rocks and water. What’s the most beautiful fish you ever caught?

Orvis Fly Fishing Contest - #12 BWO

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Surf’s Up! Dogs Take to the Longboard in California

What crazy fun summer things do you and your dog like to do? How about…surfing? The Loews Surf Dog Competition took place at Imperial Beach, California, Saturday June 4, 2011. Thousands of people came to watch around 50 dogs and their owners surf as the dogs competed for the surfing championship. Tell us what fun things you and your dog like to do, then check out the awesome photos at the the Loews Surf Dog Competition Blog



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Save Big at Our Giant Fly Sale

You’ve waited all winter to fish again. You’re finally on the water when you realize… your fly box is pretty darn thin and you don’t have that one pattern the fish want. The only thing more excrutiating than having trout rising near you (or bonefish tailing; or bass foraging) but not having the right fly they’re taking, is your buddy having that right fly and slaying the fish right in front of you. No one wants that. That’s why we’re having our Giant Fly Sale the month of June.  100+ flies are on sale now. Just $1.50 for most trout flies and $2 for saltwater flies and big ugly trout flies. Baetis, PMDs, Adams, Hare’s Ears, WD-40s, Disco Midges, Pheasant Tails, Elk Wing Caddis,  Prince Nymphs, Silver Sides, Albies, Zug Bugs, Flashback Emergers, Brass Ass, Flats Minnows, Woolly Buggers, Ants, San Juan Worms, and many more. Get the picture? Great flies. Cheap.

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Show this Post to your Boss: Dogs Make Employees More Productive At Work

As we wrote about in a  a previous post, Orvis is a pretty dog-friendly work environment. On any given day you’ll see three or four dogs playing together during lunch, swimming in our casting pond or running trhough training sessions with their owners.

Dogs Training on the lawn  at Orvis HQ

Click the READ MORE button to read about experts who believe that companies should be more dog-friendly as a way to become more productive.

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Friday Film Festival 06.03.11

Film Festival2

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week, you’ll discover all the ways that trout can break your heart; you’ll witness the magic of a fishery that we Americans still can’t (legally) experience; and you’ll learn the secret to making a fire with wet wood. From Norway to the tropics, New Zealand to Ohio, we’ve got the good stuff for your viewing pleasure. Remember: We surf so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

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Wappy Dog: Pet of the Future or Passing Fad?

There’s a new dog in town and its name is Wappy. It wags, it sits up, it’s cute, but not so cuddly. That’s because it’s a plastic robot toy dog. Is this the new wave of pets for kids and parents who want low maintenance and no shedding fur, or just another passing fad? What do you think?

wappy dog

Wappy Dog! Pet of the Future or Passing Fad?

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Enjoy Hunting and Fishing Longer: Stay Fit

As we get older, let’s say north of 55, how much more difficult is it to walk those New England hills during grouse and woodcock season, or to cast a 9-wt fly rod all day fishing for Atlantic salmon? Quite a bit, right? I am by no way trying to be the fitness police, but I feel what used to be easy is coming harder with each season; and each year I see it in fishing and hunting buddies who no longer get out to participate in the sport they love. It is a sad reality.

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Tom’s Ten Tips on Identifying and Matching the Hatch

This week in the podcast, we address the color red in flies, post-flood fishing conditions, and what to do if you only have a few hours to fish. For the main event I give a brief guide to the major aquatic insects, how to identify what’s hatching, and some strategies for fishing different types of insect hatches.

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