Fish Pic of the Day – Monster Permit

Sometimes, the pendulum swings in the right direction. But, according to Mikes Dawes of WorldCast Anglers, it is always swinging one way or the other. Things must have been going well when he caught this huge permit, held in the photo by his guide. 


Big Permit
His guide hefts Mike Dawes’s monster permit
photo by Mike Dawes, WorldCast Anglers


Mike wrote this about this gorgeous permit, taken on a fly:

More often than not when fishing for permit with a fly, I find myself thinking, “What am I doing?” I often wonder why my infatuation for saltwater fishing with a fly had to get stuck on permit. What I have learned in fishing for permit with a fly over the past eight years is how quickly the pendulum swings. For the most part,. . .

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Trout Bum of the Week IX: PJ Daley

PJ Daley in the manager and head guide of the Orvis shop at the Wisp Resort in western Maryland, where fishes all the region’s famous rivers–the Youghiogheny, the Savage, the Castleman, and the North Branch of the Potomac. He also enjoys chasing wild brook trout, rainbows, and browns on some of the smaller streams in the area. . .but he’s certainly not saying. . .

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New TU On the Rise Episode: Sandy River

In this week’s On the Rise episode, host Jed Fiebelkorn visits Oregon’s Sandy River. In recent years the marmot dam on the river was taken down and smaller fish now find passage downriver easier. The Sandy has faced may challenges but much is being done to help restore this great river. Check out some great fishing and even better conservation work this week on the Sportman Channel. What’s your favorite river in need of restoration and protection? Fri 6/3/2011 7:30AM Sat 6/4/2011 12:30PM

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Training Murph Part XVI: My Own Lesson Learned

I talked about training with two dogs last time and told you I would update you on how that was going. The pure and simple fact is, it did not go well. It was too much for the dogs and too much for my skill set, but it did teach me a great deal about where Murph really is.

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Tying the Parachute Ant

The Parachute Ant is among the most productive terrestrial dry-fly patterns you can carry. On the freestone mountain streams of Vermont, where I fish for native brook trout, this ant pattern is killer. The fish love it, and it’s easy to see, whether it’s floating in foam, a riffle, or a dark shadow under a bush. And since I mostly fish after work, a small fly that I can see in low light is a big advantage.



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Enter to Win a FREE Dog Bed in our “Help Us Help Dogs” Contest

Like you, we at Orvis love our dogs, and we love to help them. Through our Dog Photo Contest and our partnership with Morris Animal Foundation, we’ve helped raise nearly a half million dollars for canine cancer research. But there is so much more we wish to do. In fact, there are so many worthy causes for our canine friends that we are asking you, our customer, to help us choose a worthy cause and making a fun contest of it. Click READ MORE below and in the comments section of the blog post leave us a suggestion for a cause we can support to help better the lives of dogs. Other visitors can then “like” your comment by clicking the “thumbs up” next to it. Encourage folks to vote. The customer whose suggestion gets the most votes by Monday, June 6 at 4 PM eastern wins a FREE Orvis Dog Bed, and may well have given us the next cause Orvis supports to help dogs. Have fun!

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Tuesday Tip: Stretch for Success

If you haven’t been out fishing for a few months, weeks, or even days, chances are that your line has settled into a series of coils from being on your reel for so long. When you peel line off the spool, you can see how the line’s “memory” causes it to coil on the ground. (The core and coating. . .

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Bonus Friday Video: The Trout Bum

Our own Simon Perkins–who guides for PRO Outfitters in Helena, Montana–put together this fantastic video from footage he shot during a trip to Patagonia. Orvis will be using the video to promote the Trout Bum line of clothing, designed for when you’re kicking back around the fire after a long day on the river. Simon’s video really captures the “Trout Bum” ethos, and the footage itself is gorgeous. I could watch that one dry fly take (at about :38, when the music really kicks in) over and over again. Pass it on.

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Little Dog Lost Finds Way Home After Two Months

What a funny and heartwarming story about a little dog lost; with a happy, and tech-savvy, Hollywood (OK, Fresno) ending. Turns out a microchip in Coco means that after being missing for two months he’ll be back with his family. Microchips are a great way to keep track of your dog. So is theOrvis Personalized Dog Collar with your phone number and the dog’s name on it. It’s a best-seller for a reason. Enjoy this upbeat tale as you start your weekend.

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Friday Film Festival 05.27.11

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week, we span the globe, from New Zealand to Iceland to Idaho. There are plenty of great shots of big trout eating dry flies, as well as some sweet aerial tarpon action. This oughta get you pumped up for a long weekend on the water. Enjoy!

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