Pro Tips: How to Fish Caddis-Pupa Flies

Written by: Bill Edrington, Royal Gorge Anglers

There are lots of patterns to imitate caddisfly pupa, created for different presentations.
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For many anglers, the words caddisfly hatch conjure up visions of epic days, when all you need to carry is a few Elk-Hair Caddis dry flies. Those who anticipate these hatches all winter long . . .

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Video: Top 5 Flies for August 2019

In this month’s “Top 5” video from Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Ivan Orsic and the legendary Landon Mayer fish the “Dream Stream” section of the South Platte and find some pretty trout. Then they sit on the tailgate of the truck and list Landon’s . . .

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Video: How to Fish for Atlantic Salmon

A trip to cast for Atlantic salmon is a bucket-list item for many fly fishers. But it’s a completely different game from the trout fishing you may be accustomed to. In this excellent video from The New Fly Fisher, Bill Spicer covers all the essentials to . . .

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 08.07.19: Pebble Mine Edition

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it was withdrawing the 2014 Proposed Determination, which ” would have safeguarded Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble mine and other large-scale industrial development by . . .

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Book Excerpt: Brook Trout and Beaver Ponds

With the exception of small freestone streams, no type of aquatic habitat is more identified with brook trout than beaver ponds. In areas such as interior Maine, they are more important to the brook trout angler than freestone streams, which are often . . .

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Pro Tips: Keep Terrestrials Riding Low

One of the reasons that fly fishers love casting terrestrials is that these patterns are usually really easy to see on the water–compared to, say, a size 20 Blue-winged Olive. And one of the . . .

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