Take the Tom Rosenbauer Fly Fishing Trivia Challenge for 12-17-10

Take the Tom Rosenbauer Fly Fishing Trivia Challenge

My quiz this week features questions on steelhead, tippet, fly tying, tarpon and insects. Let’s see what you got. Once you get your final score, come back and tell me how well you did in the comments.
Click the link below and good luck!


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In the Loop 12.17.10


A beautiful new fly-fishing photography blog called FocalFish collects and posts images “shot by fly fishing guides who would almost rather be taking photos than guiding.”

fish icon The Young Guns Fly Club, a new not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, has been launched to help introduce more kids to fly fishing. . .

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Proving the Value of Marine Reserves

Here’s a great video about how a no-take marine reserve in Glover’s Reef Atoll, off the coast of Belize, offers evidence that such sanctuaries can help keep the surrounding reef and waters healthier.

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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast – Traveling with Fly Gear

Tom takes the mystery out of packing for your next trip telling you what you need, what you don’t and what you REALLY shouldn’t forget to bring.

He also shares his top five flies for fresh and saltwater

Did he miss anything? Was this helpful? What would you like to hear in the future? Let us know in the comments.

Click the play button below to listen to this episode. Go to orvis.com/podcast to subscribe to future episodes

If you cannot see the podcast player, please click this link to listen.

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Exotic Film Fest!

It’s been snowing all week here in Southern Vermont, which has me pining for warmer temperatures and fish-filled waters. What better way to shake off the early-winter blues than with some video of exotic species in far-off lands? We start with golden dorado in the wilds. . .

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Almost, but Not Quite Right

Fly fishing has entered the public consciousness in many ways in recent years, especially in advertisements. Here’s a new television ad for a Canadian lottery game called Lotto 6/49. It shows a bunch of guys enjoying the good life on the river after they. . .

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Logan the Lab and His Laser Pointer

Logan oven
Logan Loves the Oven
Eric Weissleder

I would really like to blame my mother-in-law for this one. After all it was she who gave me the laser pointer as a gift. But it was I, unfortunately, who decided to see if Logan, my adopted Labrador, appreciated it.

When Logan first came into our home, we noticed that he had a mild obsession with lights and shadows. This is not uncommon; many dogs chase shadows, or stare at reflections. It can only become a serious problem if not addressed. In Logan’s case, he would often affix his gaze upon a wall or ceiling, mesmerized by the reflections caused by a wristwatch, a sunbeam, or in some cases, a glass of water. There were times when I’d walk into the kitchen to find him staring astutely at the ceiling as if there was a leak that needed repairing. In most cases, all I needed to do was remove or eliminate the light source and he’d be back to his old self. There were, however, times when it became necessary to ask everyone in Logan’s immediate vicinity to remove anything on their person that lit up, shimmered, or reflected in order to prevent him from thrusting his nose repeatedly into a wall in pursuit of the elusive reflection.

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