Training Your Dog the Wildrose Way

I’m getting a new puppy the first of the year. He’s a Wildrose British Labrador out of their new sire FTch Glenoch Ruff who came from Northern Ireland this year. My dog Pickett is now 8 years old and at the peak of his performance physically and mentally, but it’s time to start bringing along the successor.

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Video: The Source – Iceland

I got an email this morning from Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media, who had noticed we’d posted the trailer for their Tasmania film last week. Nick pointed me to the trailer for the newest Gin-Clear film, “The Source-Iceland,” which offers some spectacular footage from the Land of Fire and Ice. There’s also a New Zealand film, and you can check out that trailer at the Gin-Clear Media Web site.

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In the Loop 10.08.10

Salmon River 1

A nice fall Salmon River steelhead from the top of the Douglaston Salmon Run.
photo by Shawn Brillon

Last week, severe rainstorms caused flooding regionwide, and New York’s Salmon River, which normally runs in the 350-to-700-cubic-feet-per-second range, jumped to an astonishing 25,000 cfs. By late this week, though, river levels had dropped to a more manageable 1,500 cfs, and anglers were out in force, chasing steelhead and salmon running out of Lake Ontario. Some of the best fishing…

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Orvis Puppy of The Day – Leo!

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Leo

Leo & the Leaf
– greg, hyde park

Enter the Orvis Cover Dog Photo contest for your chance to put your dog on a future cover of the The Orvis Dog Book catalog, win a $500 gift card from Orvis and help us beat canine cancer! Enter online at

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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast – Three and a Half Tips on Fly Fishing for Steelhead

In the most recent episode of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast, I have three tips for fly fishing for steelhead; location, timing and presentation. Since it is not as important, I threw in half a tip on tackle.
Did I leave anything out? Have more questions? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comments section.

Click the play button below to listen to this episode and go to to subscribe to future episodes!

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Paul Nelson Farm

paul nelson lodge
Paul Nelson Lodge

I just spoke to Paul Nelson owner of Paul Nelson’s Farm in South Dakota. I hunted with Paul last year in one of the best days of hunting I’ve ever experienced and wanted to find out how the season was going.”

“This year, we’re seeing even more remarkable numbers of pheasant, because the habitat work we’ve done over the years is maturing and the resulting population is breathtaking,” said Nelson.

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Helping to Cure Canine Bone Cancer


“One Handsome Greyhound”
The word osteosarcoma is all too familiar in greyhound circles, where pet parents mourn the loss of thousands of beloved dogs each year. But there is hope in the fight against this deadly disease: The ongoing innovative research that will lead to new treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

It has long been known that some breeds have a predisposition to develop certain cancers—such as osteosarcoma in greyhounds, golden retrievers and great danes.

One promising study tests rapamycin, a drug used with human cancer patients, in treating dogs with osteosarcoma. This bone cancer clinical trial is shepherded by the Comparative Oncology Program at the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Center for Cancer Research.

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Trout Unlimited Podcast – Trout in the Clasroom

Trout Unlimited Logo
It’s back to school–and TU’s program, Trout in the Classroom, is part of the curriculum in hundreds of schools around the country. The program helps children learn about trout and conservation by raising trout in aquariums.
In this podcast, TU President and CEO Chris Wood talks with two TU volunteers in New York state about their experience teaching children about the wonders of trout and their life cycles. Stacey Weirl is a physical education teacher who teaches kindergarten through fifth grade at the Fox Meadow Elementary School in Scarsdale, New York. Also joining Chris is a longtime TU volunteer, John Genovesi. John is the past president of the Croton Watershed TU chapter and directs the Trout in the Classroom program in Westchester County, New York. For more information about Trout in the Classroom, go to
Listen to the podcast by clicking the “play” button below. Subscribe to future podcasts at

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Chasing Huns, Part I

Chasing the HunsSimon Perkins hunts in Montana.

I reached down to press the “Locate” button on my Dogtra controller. I saw Stella, the English Setter, off to my right, but I hadn’t seen Fern, a three-year-old English pointer, for several minutes. Fern finds a lot of birds, in part because she’s a big runner and loves covering the wide-open country of central Montana. Fern’s collar beeped to the northeast, over the edge of a gradual decline. I beeped her again. It sounded as though she hadn’t moved.

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