Orvis Cover Dogs: Top Fundraisers and Most Popular

We were thrilled to announce the winners of the most recent round of the Orvis Cover Dog Contest last week and now we’re excited to announce the entries that raised the most money and received the most unique voters! To date, we’ve received more than 60,000 photos, and have raised more than $700,000 for canine cancer research and the Morris Animal Foundation. Our current contest is scheduled to end March 31st – click here to enter, and check out the top dogs below.

Moose(RIP) w/ Mica – Money Raised: $4,385, 28 voters

Owner: Sydney W. of Key West, FL

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In Search of the World’s Rarest Trout

Paiute Trout

This was the prize after many hours of driving and hiking. And it was worth it.

photo courtesy Frank Seifert

Deep in the Sierra Nevada of California lives a trout so rare and unique that it has become almost mystical. The fish I am referring to is the Paiute cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki seleniris).

Considering my desire to find and catch all the native trout of California, catching this trout has been something that has been an obsession of mine for many years now. I have spent countless hours on the internet, studying maps and taking in whatever. . .

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UPDATE: Lost Katrina Dog, Shorty, Going Home to Louisiana

Yesterday, we posted about the story of Shorty, a 15-year-old poodle who had gone missing from his North Carolina home, only to turn up in a shelter where a microchip scan revealed that he was, in fact, from Louisiana. His original family had been forced to give him up after losing their home in Hurricane Katrina. Today, we learn that. . .

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Celebrating a First Redfish and an Anniversary


After years of waiting, Kris Maurer was finally able to take a redfish on a fly. . .
thanks to his understanding wife.

photo courtesy Kris Maurer

First, let me rewind a few years. I was in love with the woman of my life. I had just bought a ring, and we were on our way to Charleston, South Carolina. I told her I was bringing a fly rod and had all the intention of the world to try and go redfishing. However, some other things were of more importance. My stomach was in knots the entire trip down, as I had no idea of how to pop the question, and fishing was the last thing on my mind. Long story short, I proposed to my wife during that trip, and. . .

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Maine Youngsters Check Out Fly Fishing, Literally

Orvis Rods

It all started with a box of fly rods, and ten years later, it’s a youth fly-fishing program.

photo by Kathy Scott

A library budget doesn’t usually include tippet materials or flies, but it might, if students were checking out fly rods. At Lawrence Junior High in Fairfield, Maine, fly fishing has been a part of the curriculum since a large package, almost as tall as a twelve-year-old, arrived from Vermont. Eight fly rods and eight reels, complete with lines, transformed a fledgling. . .

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Profile: Dr. Aaron Adams, a.k.a. the Flats Doctor

Dr. Aaron Adams 1

As head of research for Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Dr. Aaron Adams works to
save inshore game fish and the habitat that sustains them.

photo courtesy Dr. Aaron Adams

Imagine poling across a wide flat in the Florida Keys and seeing hundreds of bonefish—cruising and tailing, in big schools and singles and doubles. To those anglers who have experienced the tough, technically demanding fishing in the Keys in recent years, such a vision sounds like a fairy tale; everyone knows you have to travel to the Bahamas to see bonefish numbers like that. But according to the old-timers lucky enough to have fished the southern tip of Florida in the 1950s and ’60s, things were every bit as good as they are on North Andros today.

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Video of the Day: Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog from DTan on Vimeo.

Here’s a wonderful commercial for the New Zealand Lottery that features an incredible dog as its central character. It’s a globe-spanning journey with a surprise ending. Three different wire-haired fox terriers played the lead role. Here’s the story from NZ Lotto: . . .

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The Benefits of Fishing Locally


mary fish


Because I was raised in a family of fly fishermen, the sport has become a necessary component of my lifestyle, as integral to my identity as my DNA. With that being said, I am constantly looking for ways to fish more often. I think for women especially, as passionate as we may be about the sport, there are specific barriers that can make it difficult to get on the water. While I’m lucky to work in an industry that surrounds me with “fishing buddies,” many women have a hard time finding people to fish with; and fishing alone is not always the best idea, especially in more remote locations.

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Striper Slaughter at Sea

This week, the Charlotte edition of Examiner.com published a hard-hitting story by Jeffrey Weeks on the slaughter of striped bass by commercial trawlers off the coast of North Carolina. The video above, posted on Sunday, purports to show the results of commercial fishermen culling. . .

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