Book Excerpt: “One Cast Annie,” by Bob White

When I was a young guide in Alaska, it was unusual to fish with a woman, particularly one who visited the lodge by herself or with a female friend. Whenever I had the opportunity to do so, however, I always learned a lot. . . .

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Video: How to Use Clamps While Fly Tying

One of the hallmarks of Tim’s tying process is that he’s always looking for ways to make tying easier, more efficient, and less frustrating, and he often finds novel ways of achieving these goals. Here, he shows you how to use . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Take Better Fish Portraits

Written by: Darcy Toner and Timbre Pringle, Faceless Fly Fishing Media

A fish portrait, rather than a grip-and-grin, is better for the fish and makes for a more interesting image..
All photos by Faceless Fly Fishing

How would your fish want its photo taken? Because a fish is an aquatic creature, one would assume that it would want to stay in the water. Many fishermen, including me, are inclined to take a quick . . .

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Creating a Dog Drool-Protected Home

Photo by: Kathryn, Smithfield


Owning a dog makes life a good measure happier—and messier. Constant fur to vacuum, muddy paws to manage, and full-body fur shakes after rainy walks. But the slimiest canine mess is the dreaded dog drool puddle. Your dog puts your devotion to the test when you sit on a drool-soaked couch cushion, or slide across the hardwood floor on a patch of slobber. The good news is, even if your best friend is a copious drooler, it’s possible…

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