Pro Tip: Getting the Most out of Roll Casts

Roll casts are a very important tool to have in your casting arsenal. Aside from being one of my personal favorite casts, the roll cast is one of the most used casts and a great skill to practice at home. The three most common reasons. . .

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Video: How to Tie the Bronze Goddess

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions loves patterns with tons of lifelike motion in the water. The Bronze Goddess is the creation of Mike Jacobs of Iowa, who designed it to catch smallmouth bass. Unlike many fly tiers–who would like us to believe that . . .

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Pro Tips: Top 10 Flies for Stillwater Trout

Written by: Drew Rodden, North Park Anglers

Drew Rodden shows off a gorgeous stillwater rainbow from Colorado.
Photo courtesy Drew Rodden

I grew up fishing with conventional tackle for warmwater species around Missouri. But spending my Saturday mornings watching fishing shows on TV, I began to take an interest in fly. . .

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Video Pro Tips: The Only 3 Knots You Need on the Water

When you’re on the water, you need a knot to attach a fly, a knot to connect tippet material, and a knot to put a loop in your leader. That’s all you need. Practice these knots at home and you’ll have more fun and less frustration when you get out on the water. . . .

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Video: Understanding Fly-Tying Waxes

In this installment, Tim walks you through the three different kinds of wax used in fly tying. All of them are applied to the thread, but they perform quite differently and offer different results. Whether you’re trying to create a tight, smooth dubbing body, . . .

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