Are Dog Beds Necessary?

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The discomfort and negative health effects of sleeping on hard floors make beds necessary for most dogs. However, dog beds are not one-style-fits-all. Which bed will help your dog the most, depends on many factors, including your dog’s age, weight, breed, health, and a variety of other factors. Finding the right dog bed requires knowledge of your dog, her needs, and a little training on your part.

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Video Pro Tips: Secrets to Fishing Spring Creeks

Spring creeks can produce some of the most exhilarating–and frustrating–moments in fly fishing, usually over the course of the same day. Their slow-moving, crystal-clear water allows trout to detect your presence from much farther away, and gives . . .

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Video: How to Tie the PMD Trigger Point Usual

In this week’s great tying video from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, he walks you through the steps required to make a simple mayfly pattern that’s a variation on both Fran Betters’s Usual and Al Cauci’s Comparadun. The result is a mayfly . . .

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Video: Changing the Image of the Fly Fisher with Purpose

“You can’t be what you can’t see.” These words by Eeland Stribling’s grandfather had a profound effect on how Eeling went about becoming a fly fisherman and then sharing his experiences with others. “The Great Outdoors” is a series showcasing Black . . .

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A Midsummer Trifecta of Fly Patterns

Written by: Ted Fauceglia

Tricos produce some of the largest spinnerfalls of the season.
Photos by Ted Fauceglia

If the fly fisher’s lexicon were ever available in written form, the unknowing reader would be amused, if not astounded, by the twisted definitions and associations fly fishers have ascribed to a certain . . .

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Video Pro Tips: A Simple Nymph Rig for Beginners

For anglers who just want to get on the water without having to mess with complex setups–only to untangle them a few casts later–Joe Rotter of Red’s Fly Shop has some great advice on creating a simple, one-fly nymph rig. During his demonstration, . . .

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Video: How to Trim Synthetic Fibers

This week, Tim demonstrates two methods for trimming synthetic fibers on patterns such as Bob Popovics’s Surf Candy. It’s easy to mess up fibers if you cut them too straight or try too hard to shape them. The results often look unnatural. Instead, Tim . . .

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