Video: Top 5 Warmwater Flies for June 2019

In this month’s “Top 5” video from Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, General Manager Rick Mikesell offers his favorite patterns for chasing largemouth and smallmouth bass in late spring and early summer. It’s mostly a subsurface game in much of the . . .

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Personalized Reflective Dog Collars: Must-Have Safety Gear for Running or Walking Your Dog in the Dark

Reflective Collar
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For many, many years I was that person. An insatiable long-distance runner, my day started at 5 a.m. with at least one dog, often two, occasionally three, outside, running. Did I think about our visibility to passing motorists in the early-morning darkness? Incessantly. When you are running with your leashed dog, you can clearly see Spot run. But it can be difficult for others to spot…

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Video: How to Tie a Sulphur Comparadun

The original Comparadun was created in the 1960s by famed tier and angler Al Caucci. Anglers were introduced to the pattern in the 1973 book Comparahatch, which Caucci wrote with Bob Nastasi. Ever since, the low-riding mayfly imitation has been . . .

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Video Pro Tips: Casting Lessons from Master Instructors

Our friends at Scientific Anglers have produced an excellent series of casting-instruction videos hosted by two modern masters: Bruce Richards and Jeff Wagner. Richards was the longtime head fly-line designer for Scientific Anglers and is responsible . . .

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A Father’s Legacy in the Remote Maine Woods

Written by: Matt J. Libby, Libby Camps

Matt P. Libby shows off a gorgeous Maine landlocked salmon.
Photo via Facebook

What do you say about growing up with a living legend? I say that a little in jest, but it’s true. Orvis lifetime achievement award, Legendary Maine Guide Award, Maine Tourism Hall of Fame . . .

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Podcast: The Salmonfly Hatch, with John Way

This week, we’re talking about a spectacle of nature that happens every year in the Rockies in June—the salmonfly hatch. This is a giant stonefly that excites big trout and fly fishers—but it’s difficult to plan for and not as easy to fish as you might . . .

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