Everglades Foundation: Success in Congress

Hope for America’s Everglades
Photo by Orvis stock

Orvis strongly supports the outstanding work of the Everglades Foundation to restore, protect and preserve the Everglades. Today we celebrate the bipartisan passage of the Water Resources Development Act by the House of Representatives, following its approval in the Senate on September 15th. If you’re interested in protecting the flow of clean, fresh waters to the Everglades, Florida Bay and the Florida Keys, join us in signing the #NoworNeverglades Declaration.

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Birds and Bull Sharks in the Florida Everglades

LHP in the Everglades

The author and his wife with a redfish for dinner.

photo courtesy Leigh Perkins

In late 2009, my wife Anne and I fished the Everglades with Capt. Rick Ruoff and Capt. Peter Freeza, as well as RomiJo owners Capt. Rick and JoAnn Cappelletti. It was a wonderful trip, and we learned a great deal about the bird and fish life from Pete Freeza, an avian biologist working in the Everglades for Audubon. We started from Flamingo, aboard the RomiJo, traveling up to Cape Sable, through Lake Ingram, to a canal that took us into the canoe area. Here there is a special sandbar, which we refer to as. . .

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Dogs Help Researchers Track Pythons in the Everglades

Dog handler Jason Dewitt, researcher Christina Romagosa, doctoral student Melissa Miller and dog trainer Bart Rogers with sniffer dogs Ivy and Jake, with a large Burmese python.

photo by Ches Smith/ oanow.com

Two black Labrador retrievers from Auburn University’s EcoDogs project have been sniffing out Burmese pythons in South Florida, helping the Army Corps of Engineers study how to eradicate the large constrictors. Since the first python was spotted in 1979, the population of these non-native snakes has exploded, and scientists estimate that there are now tens of thousands wreaking havoc with the ecosystem. That’s where Jake and Ivy come in: . . .

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