Photos and Story: The Beginnings of a Guide Life

just before travel came to an abrupt halt for many of us, the Orvis-Endorsed Flying B Ranch Wingshooting Guide School wrapped up the 2nd annual course. As the only course of its kind, this guide school is focused on . . .

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How to Clean a Dog Collar

Dogs love mud, and they end up soiling their collars, as well as themselves.
Photo by Jody, Stevenson

No matter how clean your dog stays or how fresh his coat, the collar he wears will eventually absorb enough skin oils, dirt, and grime to develop an odor. Dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors rolling in the mud, swimming in lakes and streams, chasing balls, or playing at the dog park are more prone to collar funk than the small lap dog who rarely ventures out and takes a weekly trip to the doggie salon. But eventually, all collars will need to be washed to keep them smelling nice—and to prevent unhygienic bacteria buildup.

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Pro Tips: How to Fish the High Water of Spring

Written by: Spencer Durrant

High water presents anglers with plenty of challenges, whether you’re fishing from a boat or wading.
Photo by Spencer Durrant

From the Colorado River drainage to the Snake, western rivers are high, muddy, and a pain to fish. If you know where clean water is, you keep it close to your vest because this spring is so . . .

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Video: How to Remove a Hook from Skin

Here’s a fun video in which Ben Sittig, a.k.a. Huge Fly Fisherman, deals with a situation every angler encounters at one time or another: a barbed hook is buried in . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Fish to Deadfalls and Other In-Stream Wood

In-stream wood comes in many different configurations, but all will usually hold trout or bass.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Stream fly fishers learn pretty quickly that “wood is good,” as it provides fish with protection from predators, a hiding place from which they can ambush food, and oftentimes a deep hole . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Chuck Caddis

Eric Leiser–the well known fly tier, author, and angler who passed away last year–is best known for two patterns that he popularized, the Chuck Caddis and the Llama. Leiser claimed that he had originated neither fly, but he promoted . . .

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Tuesday Tips: The Basics of “Reading the Water”

The author casts to a spot that provides deep water, near cover, on the edge of good current.
Photo by Sandy Hays

Conventional wisdom says that 10 percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish. Most people assume that these elite “10 percenters” enjoy so much success because of their superior . . .

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