Pro Tips: 5 Keys to Fishing During Runoff

Written by: Emily Roley, Taos Fly Shop

When the river is high and wading is difficult, stay out of the water and fish the edges.
Photo by Lisa Savard

If you have lived in the West for very long, you know that it is a fool’s errand to claim that spring has sprung before you turn the calendar to May. April in the Rockies is glorious, if not . . .

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 04.03.19

Public hearings across Alaska kicked off last week, as part of the Public Comments period on the draft Environmental Impact Statement released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers last month. A news report on the Iliamna hearing, by public-radio . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Western Coachman

In this week’s great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie a classic Western pattern that looks great and has been catching trout for decades. The beauty of some of these old patterns is that . . .

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Video: Xcalak’s Salty Buffet

Author Phil MonahanPosted on April 2, 2019Categories Fly Fishing
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Here’s the second installment of the “Buffet Series” from Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle. In this video, they explore the salty goodness around Xcalak, on one of the last “unspoiled” stretches of Mexican Caribbean coast just north of the Belize . . .

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Video: How to Select CDC Feathers, Part I

Here, Tim explains what CDC (cul de canard) is and what distinguishes the two different types. (BTW, cul de canard translates as “duck butt.”) The way the fibers are arranged along the shaft of the feather sets the two apart, which is fascinating to . . .

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Master Class Monday: The Rule of Small

When you’re fishing clear water in times of prolonged drought, trout are very likely to have seen pressure. Typically, anglers use larger flies that cause enough surface disturbance that trout . . .

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