Video: How to Catch Bass on a Fly

In Episode 2, host Tom Rosenbauer shows you how to find and catch bass, which are the number one sport fish in America, for good reason. They are great fighters and are in virtually every state. This video will teach you the . . .

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Video: “Flow North” from Tight Loops

Here’s the latest epic adventure film from our friends Chase and Aimee of Tight Loops. Deep in the heart of Quebec’s Ungava region lies a family-run sporting camp that provides some incredible wilderness . . .

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Master Class Monday: Keep Feeding the Fish

You can waste a lot of time fishing over trout that have been spooked (and are thus not feeding), but sometimes they surprise us, and persistence can pay off. Watch as Amelia Jensen works a large brown trout, loses it in a . . .

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Lessons from an Aging Fly-Fishing Guide

Like many fly-fishing guides, I’ve been hit pretty hard by middle age. The past 20-something years have been a blur, and I’m starting to feel it…. in more ways than one. I’ve noticed that late nights hanging out at the bar result in my feeling really . . .

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This Dog Crossbreed Generator Is Kind of Fun

Whichever breeds make up your dog’s mix, we guarantee they’ll love a nap on the sofa.

Ever wonder how a cross or hybrid of two specific dog breeds would look? The photos on this entertaining Dog Crossbreed Generator might have your answers. 

The dog breed mixer is on the quirky website of U.K. insurance company Co-op, and it’s a fun place to click around. The dog mixer is not exhaustive; the choices seem limited to breed combinations for which the developers could put their paws on real-life pictures. So you can put a Corgi and a Papillon together (you’ll get a fluffy-haired “Corillon”), but not a Papillon and a Siberian Husky (… 404 dog not found).

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