How to Pack for a Fly-Fishing Adventure

When you’re on your way to what might be a fly-fishing trip of a lifetime, you want to pack efficiently, but you also must make sure that you have everything you’ll need when you arrive at your destination. That means using the right luggage and carefully . . .

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Vermont Governor Visits Orvis Rod Shop in Manchester

For one day of the year, each of Vermont’s fourteen counties becomes “Capitol for a Day,” hosting Vermont Gov. Phil Scott and his cabinet, along with their staffs. Capitol for a Day–launched by Scott in June 2018–gives local constituents, municipal . . .

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Photos and Story: 50/50 on the Water at Lee’s Ferry

The first thing my friend Michael and I are often asked by friends and strangers is, “How do you convince your wives to come on these fly fishing trips with you?” Our answer is easy: Holly and Courtney are anglers. When we introduced them to the . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Conehead Bunny Leech

The Conehead Bunny Leech offers many of the attributes anglers look for in a streamer: it sinks well (once you get it wet), it moves a lot of water, and it has a lifelike action when you use a strip-and-pause retrieve. When the fly stops, it sinks, . . .

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cashmere

Broken–Herringbone Cashmere SweaterPhoto via Expensive, exclusive, and comfortable: Few fabrics possess the cachet of cashmere. But plenty of people don’t know where this natural fiber comes from, why it’s so prized, or how to enjoy the longest life from their cashmere garments.  Wrap yourself in a soft, deep layer of knowledge and learn everything … Continue reading “Everything You Wanted to Know About Cashmere”

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Video: “Rio Grande” by Todd Moen

Todd Moen of Catch Magazine has released his epic film “Rio Grande,” shot in Tierra del Fuego. Scottish angler Gordon Armstrong fishes the Argentinian stretch of the river for huge sea-run brown trout. Though most of the Rio Grande is on the . . .

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Classic Tuesday Tip: Look Before You Fish

Whenever you can gain a high vantage point on water you’re about to fish, you’re ahead of the game.
Photo by Sandy Hays

One of the more common mistakes that guides see is an angler stumbling into a river before taking a few minutes to figure out what’s going on. Observation is an undervalued tool, and too. . .

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Classic Pro Tips: How to Layer for Warmth and Comfort

Moisture-management is an important part of staying warm in winter, so proper layering is essential.
Photo courtesy Josh Duchateau, Firehole Ranch

[Editor’s Note: With winter fly fishing in full swing in many parts of the country and plenty more cold weather on the horizon, it seems a good time to revisit this great advice from Tim Daughton.]

The advent of breathable waders a couple of decades ago has helped to make the majority of our wader-adorned fishing experiences much more enjoyable. Gone are the days of vulcanized . . .

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Video: Understanding Different Kinds of Bucktail Hair

Many patterns call for bucktail hair, but you need to know your way around the bucktail itself to choose the kind of hair right for each application. Tim explains the differences among hair from the top third, middle, and bottom third of the tail, and he . . .

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