Video: A Master Class in Euro-Nymphing

In this excellent video from “The New Fly Fisher,” Jesse Haller teaches the essentials of European nymphing on the famed trout waters of the Farmington River in Connecticut. A product developer at Orvis, Jesse is the driving force behind our new line . . .

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Guys and Dolls: How to Match the Hendrickson Hatch(es)

Written by: Ted Fauceglia

The female dun is lighter and larger than the male, and the trout will often key on one or the other.
All photos by Ted Fauceglia

For the ardent dry-fly angler, the advent of the spring trout-fishing season stirs feelings of anticipation like nothing else. Sure, dredging weighted stonefly nymphs and Woolly Buggers through winter’s . . .

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Video: Good-to-Have Fly-Tying Tools

In last week’s video, Tim discussed those tools he deems absolutely essential, and here he lists the next level down: those tools you may not absolutely need but will make your time at the vise much easier and . . .

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5 Tips for Catch and Release Fly Fishing

Protecting a trout after you’ve brought it to the next can help ensure that it survives to fight another day.
Photos by Patrick Blackdale

Few things are more exciting that catching a big fish, but it’s important that you keep your head at the point when that fish is most vulnerable. Keeping our fisheries healthy and thriving is a team effort that begins with anglers on the stream. Science has . . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Deal with Sun and Shade

We sometimes don’t pay enough attention to sunlight and shade when fly fishing for trout. But as Dave Jensen shows–using an example of a large cutthroat trout rising in a mountain river–your approach must take these conditions into account. This . . .

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Tackle Tune-Up: Fly Line Maintenance

Over the course of a season, your fly line can collect dirt and grime, which make the line more difficult to cast and less likely to float well. Before you get out on the water this year, take the time to clean your fly line. Orvis Grand . . .

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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 04.09.21

This week, we’ve got ten killer clips, mostly from North America, to get you stoked for spring fishing. From Kentucky to Alberta and from Austria to Belize, there’s a destination here to spark your imagination. . . .

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