Common Insect Stings and Bites on Dogs and What to Do

If there are bees or other stinging insects around, pay close attention to your dog.
Photo by Éric Tourneret, via Wikipedia

Your dog is sniffing happily around the back yard when she suddenly yelps and starts running around in circles. It’s a good bet she had a run-in with the business end of a bee. Dogs are more at risk of bee stings than humans because they explore the world with their snouts and their four paws pad through the grass and clover—exactly where bees buzz in search of nectar. Even the most well-trained dogs can end up with a bee sting, so it’s important…

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Orvis Guide to Euro-Nymphing, Part 5b: Detecting Strikes

In this final installment of our seven-part series on Euro-nymphing, Tom Rosenbauer and George Daniel discuss how you detect strikes with this system. Since you’re fishing with your flies near the bottom, you’ll sometimes catch bottom. But if you’re snagging bottom too often, strike detection becomes more difficult. The sighter serves as both a depth … Continue reading “Orvis Guide to Euro-Nymphing, Part 5b: Detecting Strikes”

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