Hawk Lake Lodge, Day Two: The Mouse that Roared

Our second morning at Ontario’s Hawk Lake Lodge dawned bright and warm–it looked to be a carbon copy of the previous day–and we decided to fish Paddy Lake for smallmouths. One of the 19 lakes that the lodge has access to, Paddy is just a . . .

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Story: “Getting The Big Picture” on an Alaskan Stream

Written by: Bob Triggs, Washington Fly Fishing

The author (left) shows of a Lower Talarik Creek rainbow landed by angler Bob Kuhn.
Photo courtesy Bob Kuhn

The DeHavilland Beaver lifted off of the quiet lake surface at dawn, leaving a trail of water sluicing off of the trailing edges of the floats. I was being sent out, with the float plane and pilot, and . . .

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Video: Clinch Knot vs. Improved Clinch Knot

The first knot that most anglers learn is the clinch knot, and then they move on to the improved clinch. But is the latter always better than the former? I mean, it does say “improved” right in . . .

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5 Tips to Prepare for a Fly-Fishing Trip Out West

Written by: Dave Brown, Dave Brown Outfitters

When it’s time to cast to that fish of a lifetime, make sure you’re prepared.
Photos by Dave Brown

I love talking with clients during booking season.They are stoked about planning a trip, and so am I.The conversation often starts off about time frames, rivers, and lodging, of course, and we. . .

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