Video Pro Tips: How to Tie a Blood Knot

When it comes to connector knots, I’m definitely a blood-knot guy. I know how to tie the surgeon’s knot, but I just prefer the look and feel of a blood knot, which is perfectly symmetrical and in-line. The folks at Trouts Fly . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Fight Big Fish

Written by: Brian McGeehan, Montana Angler Fly Fishing

Even experienced anglers don’t get many shots a really big fish, so it’s best to be prepared to make each one count.
Photos courtesy Montana Angler (except where noted)

There is a natural evolution in the sport of fly fishing. Early in an angler’s initiation to the sport, hooking and landing any fish is paramount. Over time, though, a fly fisher slowly begins to improve his or her skills, . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Undertaker

Warren Duncan was a legend in the Atlantic-salmon world, and for many years he owned a fly shop in Saint John named Dunc’s Fly Shop. In her 1991 book The Atlantic Salmon Fly – The Tyers and Their Art, Judith Dunham . . .

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Classic Pro Tips: How to Layer for Warmth and Comfort

Moisture-management is an important part of staying warm in winter, so proper layering is essential.
Photo courtesy Josh Duchateau, Firehole Ranch

The advent of breathable waders a couple of decades ago has helped to make the majority of our wader-adorned fishing experiences much more enjoyable. Gone are the days of vulcanized . . .

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Video: How to Tie Alvin’s Simple Clouser Minnow

A “guide fly” is a pattern that catches fish and is easy to tie. It’s a guide’s job to catch fish, of course, but he or she doesn’t want to use flies that take a long time to tie because a client may throw it into a tree on the first cast. . . .

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Video Pro Tips: The Simplest Nymph Technique of All

Fly fishers can geek out on the most subtle aspects of nymphing technique–from bead size to indicator materials to leader construction–all to achieve the most “natural” presentation, free from “micro drag” and such. This . . .

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Video: How to Make a Tie-In Anchor on a Feather

It’s really frustrating when a feather you’ve tied in slips through the thread wraps when you’re wrapping it. The stem of most feathers is quite slick, so it can be hard to get a solid grip with tying thread. To solve this problem, Tim . . .

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