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Photo of the Day: Heavy Metal Pike on the Helios 2

Written by: Daniel Göz

Though this small, contaminated lake is in the middle of an industrial complex, it’s home to beautiful pike.
Photo by Daniel Göz 

My long time friend Freddy and I had decided to give the brand new 6-weight Helios 2 a test by providing her a nice first fish. For this, we went to a small lake, which sits right in the middle of a. . .


Photos of the Day: When Irish Pike Are Smilin’

Written by: Paul Moinester

The author with another “small” Irish pike from Lough Ramor, in County Cavan.
Photo by David Byrne

I was three hours into my first day of pike fishing in Ireland, when I heard the best words that have been spoken to me on the water in quite some time. As an 8-pound pike took a brief hiatus from peeling line off my reel to dance across the. . .


Photos of the Day: Into the North Country

Written by: John Hill

The author with his first-ever pike on a fly.
All photos by RH Wilson

[Editor’s note: Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill has become a somewhat regular contributor here, and his latest dispatch features some photos by his friend, Randy, a professional photographer.]

I had a great year chasing cutthroats in the high-country, so I thought I would head up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota and try my hand at some smallmouth and northern pike fishing. This would be my fifth trip to. . .