Trout Polyleaders: Dredging to Dry in Seconds Flat


I love to fish streamers, and on the Battenkill—where the number of trout per mile is relatively low—it’s the best way to cover a lot of water quickly. However, there are times during the year when hatching insects bring even large brown trout to the surface. So it’s vital that I can switch quickly from dredging with a Hawkins Triple Double to casting a Hendrickson dry fly.

That’s why I love these 7-foot Polyleaders. A loop-to-loop connection turns my floating fly line into a sinking-tip version that helps me turn over big flies and get the streamer to the bottom fast. Although I usually opt for the Super-Fast sink rate in the high water of spring, I’ll often shift to the Intermediate for low-water summer evenings. There’s very little hinging at the connection point, and the tips cast well. And when I do start seeing some heads, it takes less than a minute to remove the sinking tip and attach a dry-fly leader. There’s no fumbling with changing spools in midstream.

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One thought on “Trout Polyleaders: Dredging to Dry in Seconds Flat”

  1. What weight rod do you use the extra fast sink ? Would it be good with my superfine glass 7’6″ 4wt?

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