All About “Wrinkle-Free” Pants

As perennial wardrobe staples, khakis and chinos are among the fashion industry’s greatest inventions. Comfortable, versatile, and good looking, they can be dressed up or down and are appropriate for work and any number of occasions. But not if they’re wrinkled. And that has always been a major drawback to old-style cotton khakis: you can wear them only once or twice and then they’re likely to become a crumpled mess. And who wants to spend the time (or money) ironing pants only to have them get wrinkled again right away? We think there are much better things to do with your time, which is why we’re fans of “wrinkle-free” cotton fabrics for our clothing.

Getting Rid of Wrinkles in Pants

Instead of having to iron or steam your everyday clothes such as shirts and pants on a regular basis, modern technology has produced wrinkle-resistant fabrics to help you achieve a polished, well-put-together look without any extra effort. But the quality of these wrinkle-resistant fabrics varies among manufacturers; sometimes lesser fabrics can feel rigid and uncomfortable.

Thanks to our special patented technology, you can ‘have your crisp-looking khakis and wear them too.’ You can enjoy the comfort of wrinkle-free pants and shirts made of superior, naturally soft fabrics, while not having to worry about how to maintain their neat, tailored look—even for repeated wearings in between laundering. Who doesn’t love wrinkle-free work pants? And, when you do finally get around to throwing them in the wash, you will be pleased to discover they emerge ready to wear again.

Why Do Clothes Wrinkle and What is Wrinkle-Free Fabric?

Naturally absorbent fabrics, like cotton and linen, wrinkle when they’re compressed while being exposed to heat and moisture—exactly what can happen to pants when you sit in them for any extended period of time. It has been an age-old problem: how to keep pants from wrinkling while wearing. The wrinkling is caused by a chemical reaction whereby the bonds holding the polymers in place within the fabric’s fibers are broken, allowing them to shift into new positions. The newly-positioned fibers appear as wrinkles. Of course, this chemical process can be reversed though ironing or steaming the fabric as it’s pulled taut (or hung up, for the same effect) to eliminate wrinkles.

How Are Wrinkle-Free Cotton Fabric Different?

The fabrics described above, as well as other others, can be treated with a chemical solution that binds to their fibers, rendering them thicker and stronger and, thus, more resistant to wrinkling. These wrinkle-free treatments have been in use for decades, though they have evolved and improved considerably over time. And, make no mistake, these fabrics will still wrinkle under certain conditions if you don’t take care of them, particularly during the laundering process. Of course, you can iron your wrinkle-free cotton pants if they’re in need of a quick touch-up. Or, if you don’t have an iron on hand, throw them in the dryer to activate the polymers, as the fabrics are designed, and smooth out any wrinkles.

Wrinkle-Free Fabrics

In their natural state wool and synthetic materials are more wrinkle-resistant than cotton. And some more complex cotton weaves are more wrinkle-resistant than simple weaves like linen. That doesn’t mean they’re truly wrinkle-free—a pair of untreated cotton twill pants would be more wrinkle-resistant than a pair of linen pants, but they’re far from wrinkle-free when compared to a pair of cotton twill pants that have been treated with a wrinkle-free polymer. It’s hard to beat the wrinkle-free properties of any cotton fabrics treated with the special chemical process for their worry-free appeal. With wrinkle-free treated cotton you can enjoy all of your favorite weaves like twill, oxford cloth, pique, and even poplin, without the worry of wrinkles.  

Travel in Style with Wrinkle-Free Clothing

Because of their good looks and versatility, khakis and chinos have always been an appealing choice for travel. And they’re even more practical in a wrinkle-free cotton, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the sights or your work and less time fussing with your wardrobe. And, just maybe, with wrinkle-free pants, you can emerge from that long flight without looking like you slept in them (even though you might have).

Those of us with active lifestyles tend to dress more for function and comfort than for style. But, we concede that having a somewhat polished appearance matters for work and certain other occasions, which is why we appreciate high-quality, wrinkle-free pants and shirts. Wrinkle free clothing frees us to concentrate on important things without worrying our appearance is not up to snuff.

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