CFO III Click-and-Pawl Reel: “The Superfine rod and this reel are just plain sexy together.”

I picked up the Orvis CFO III Click and Pawl Reel for my Superfine Touch 663-4 full flex rod because I wanted the whole rig to be very traditional. I was about to pick up a CFO disc drag, but the click and pawl is about as traditional as you can get. I was also concerned with the weight of it. Since the Superfine is such a ridiculously lightweight rod, I was afraid the size III would be too heavy (I tried it with a CFO disc drag III and it was a bit butt-heavy), but this reel feels a touch lighter than the CFO I disc drag reel — superlight! The coloring also matches perfectly with the rod. The Superfine rod and this reel are just plain sexy together.

Read more about this reel and get your own to love here.

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