Dress for Fly-Fishing Success

Women’s Middle Fork Shirt
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Spring is here and, if you’ve been hooked by fly-fishing, you’re raring to wade out into welcoming waters. Your fly rod is ready to cast. Your soul is ready for refueling. So make sure your peaceful days spent angling aren’t spoiled because you lack a good mix of women’s fly-fishing shirts on your back and a few extra in your backpack.

Lovers of fly-fishing are a notoriously detail-oriented bunch. They settle upon the perfect rod, reel, and line after lengthy consideration. Before hiking out for river, stream, or lake, they know what’s hatching and their fly box is stocked with flies that will draw strikes. Waders have been checked for leaks, and lanyards are hung with the essentials. Nobody wants to have that peaceful feeling settle upon them only to realize they need to head back to shore because they’ve got the wrong size tippet.

Fly-fishing tips and news covering gear, technique, and great locales are abundant, accessible, and in-depth. But read on for a few simple items you may be surprised you’ll need almost as much as your rod.

Sun Protection: Weather forecasts are fickle, so bring extra protection even when overcast skies are expected from dawn to dusk. If the clouds thin or break, you’ll be happy you brought along a hat, sunscreen, and even lip balm. With these things on hand, you can stay comfortably focused on spotting trout. Also, don’t spend your day squinting in the bright sunlight. Polarized sunglasses are going to give you an edge spotting the subtle color variations that distinguish fish from the bed of the river or lake, so you can cast in their direction.

Layer up: During a long day of fly-fishing, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, depending on wind, time of day, and changing cloud coverage. Having the option to remove and add layers is going to make you comfortable for the long haul. Start with a sleeveless tank and top with a button-up, fly-fishing shirt. Have a long-sleeve tee along with a quick-drying fleece pull over on hand and you will be set for almost any weather variation. And if you are famished at the end of the day, you’ll be ready because women’s fly-fishing shirts are stylish enough for river or restaurant.

Bring backup: Slipping on moss-covered rocks happens. If you wind up in the water up to your neck, even your trusty fly-fishing waders won’t keep you dry. So tuck a second outfit of dry clothing in with your gear and you won’t find yourself taking an early and soggy hike back to your car or campsite.

With these select items along you’ll revel in your beloved sport without any distractions from the solitude, the surrounding nature, the wonderful waiting and the perfect cast.

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