ExOfficio Clothing: Adventure is Calling

“I have half a dozen of these in a variety of colors and some duplicates. I wear them at home and around town, but they are especially wonderful shirts for traveling. They are comfortable, breathe well, the pockets hold lots of little items securely, the shirts launder well and dry quickly. Don’t leave home without them!” – Orvis customer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

With ExOfficio clothing at the ready, you’ve got nothing less than a call to adventure in your closet. From company’s founding in 1986 by Rick Hemmerling and Joe Boldan, ExOfficio has encouraged people to venture out into the wide world with problem-solving attire that enriches their explorations.

The first garment the company produced was the Baja shirt—a vented, pocketed fly-fishing shirt designed in direct response to needs voiced by seasoned anglers of tropical waters. But the shirt quickly became a go-to garment to wear for variety of outside sports and far-flung travels, as well as dinners at a favorite, local eatery.

Since then, the outdoor outfitter has listened to folks passionate about open-air sports, world travel and adventure for guidance on the trail toward innovation. That ongoing dialogue led to the introduction of ExOfficio’s BugsAway® line of insect-repellant clothing that makes bugs buzz off, whether you’re paddling a canoe along a winding river or weeding your garden.

The company has also been at the vanguard of incorporating UV protected fabrics and advanced wicking fabrics into clothing without sacrificing comfort. Most recently, the company added their Sol Cool® clothing line made with naturally-derived Icefil® technology, which cools the fabric as the wearer’s body heats up from exertion or the midday sun.

Today, ExOfficio clothing has men and women covered from head to toe as they set off for a well-paved nature trail or a Sherpa-guided hike in the Himalayas. A few pairs of their Give-N-Go underwear are many a seasoned-traveler’s secret to packing light. In fact, with ExOfficio’s quick-drying fabrics, you can easily wash in a hotel sink or water pumped near your campsite and travel around the world with just a few changes of clothing.

All ExOfficio clothing is created with an eye to multi-use functionality. Their Airhart long-sleeved plaid shirt is pretty enough for dinner out, but it’s light fabric also folds up small for travel, is UV protected, moisture-wicking and quick-drying for challenging, multi-day excursions. For men, the Air Strip Macro-Plaid shirt is handsome, while being lightweight, vented for comfort and protective from the sun. By opting for shirts or pants with zip security-pockets on board, travelers can keep money and important documents close as they head out from base camp, whether that’s a hotel in Rome or a tent in South Africa.

Just like you, ExOfficio clothing is ever-evolving. With their high-performance duds on your back, you’ll be well outfitted to learn and grow from the joys and challenges that come up on your adventures close to home and across the globe.

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