The Huge Wooly Bone: “A Very Special Toy”

Written by: Orvis customer “Ninalicious,” from PA


The Huge Wooly Bone is Buddy’s favorite.
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My Golden, Buddy, is able to destroy any toy in a matter of seconds. We have bought him every “indestructible toy” on the market—gone in a minute! Except for this bone, which he loves to carry around and is obviously very dear to him.

My four-year-old grandson lives in Manhattan and doesn’t have a dog right now, but he absolutely loves my Buddy, who is a shelter dog, but perfect in every way. Buddy is on borrowed time, having just finished chemo successfully, but will be cremated with his bone. I am now buying one for my grandson, because it is the ONLY thing he wants for Xmas because it makes him feel closer to his Buddy. So, we very much treasure this bone, all of us. It is a very special toy. Thanks for having it.

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