Insect Repellant Clothing: Keep Those Bugs at Bay

ExOfficio® BugsAway® Paisley Bandana
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“So far so good – put the BugsAway Bandana to the test almost the day I got it. Definitely noticed the almost complete drop in gnats/flies on first use – and any one that has experienced late summer bugs in MO knows how pesky they can be! Just tied it around my neck and stopped swatting bugs away from my eyes.” – MoFishing from Missouri

With the warmer months upon us, everyone’s itching to get outdoors for laid-back days of hiking, barbecuing, hunting and fishing. What no one’s itching for? The irritating mosquito bites, tick worries, bee stings and biting flies that unfortunately swarm in with the balmy breezes of spring and summer.

Nobody wants to spend these precious months tending bug-bites and fretting excessively about insect-borne illnesses. But never fear. With a few well-chosen pieces of insect repellent clothing and some simple precautions you can make sure the easygoing seasons retain their rightful, relaxed vibe.

So, let’s start at the top.

Protect your head and neck: Whether you are quietly concealed within a duck blind while wingshooting or hiking a local nature trail, nothing will disrupt your focus and enjoyment faster than the whine of a mosquito in your ear. But an insect repellent bandana around your neck or an insect repellent cap with a cape for extra coverage will keep those bugs at bay.

Protect your torso: This is especially important when heading out into the woods where encounters with ticks are more likely. Light-colored, neutral shirts are the best choice because they make ticks easier to spot and won’t attract bees. It’s also wise to wear a long-sleeved shirt tucked into your pants.

Protect your legs and feet: Long pants are going to be most protective against bug bites, especially if they are tucked into your socks. For long days on the trail, convertible pants can be worn as shorts when it’s sweltering and then easily zipped back together as pants near dusk, when the bugs come out in force. Again, light and neutral tones will ensure you spot any critters hitching a ride. Closed shoes or hiking boots will also keep you better protected than sandals in buggy areas.

Protect your home: After a long day of hiking, fishing or simply doing yard work, you don’t want to bring any unwelcome guests back to the homestead. A thorough tick-check and shower should be part of your routine after hours spent outdoors. Kids should be checked too. As well as dogs, well known for their love of bounding off trail and exploring the underbrush. Finally, give your gear and clothing a once over before heading inside.

Armed with the know-how to get those bugs to buzz off, you can head outside without trepidation. Go on. The great, wild yonder is calling.

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