Lapping Up Luxury: Why Pets Love Bolster Dog Beds

Written By: Deb German


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Bet your dog rests her head in your lap opportunistically, just like she does on the sofa or chair’s armrest if you routinely allow her on the furniture. It should come as no surprise that dogs love head support: it’s a naturally comfortable position for them, and the bolster bed gives your dog the same kind of buttress when your lap is unavailable.

Bolster Dog Beds: Supported Comfort
It’s what bolsters are all about. Your own nighttime ritual probably includes at least some wakefulness in bed: reading, working on your laptop, a little late-night telly. Bolsters have long made themselves useful tucked under a pile of pillows; they give us the lumbar support we need to sit up comfortably in bed and elsewhere. They have even found their way into the practice of yoga for the same reason: gentle support. We’ve come to realize what feels good to us probably does to dogs, too; attach a bolster to a dog mattress and the result is reassuring canine comfort in the guise of a bolster dog bed.

Canine Security: The Bolster Feels Safe
But for a dog the bolster is also about feeling secure. While it might seem like a modern luxury, the bolster actually appeals to a dog’s ancestral inclinations. Dogs are den animals; the raised back or border surrounding her sleeping space provides a sense of security that recalls a den in the wild, and the pillow also gives her a commanding view of her surroundings. If she’s a back sleeper or sprawler, a large bolster dog bed still gives her the option to use the pillow; a smaller size is just right for small breeds and dog bed-stealing cat thieves.

The Goldilocks Yardstick: A Just Right Bolster Bed for Every Dog
You appreciate the importance of sound sleep, and you took great care to choose your own bedding according to your preferences—not too firm or too soft, too hot or cold, but just right. Try as he might, your dog can’t use language to tell you what feels good to him, but his own observable sleep habits speak volumes; choose what’s best for your beloved companion so he sleeps well, too.

  • The Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam boasts a 4”-thick, high-density cushion of Memory Foam especially made for dogs. Providing better joint support than polyfill, Memory Foam also helps maintain his body temperature. And the bed’s liner is water-resistant, making it an attractive option for older or incontinent dogs and puppies.
  • The Tempur-Pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed raises the bar with the same exceptionally high-quality material as in your own Tempur-Pedic mattress. It’s designed like a sofa, with an indulgent quilted cover and a water-resistant liner.
  • 360º bolstered support and security belong to your girl in her Wraparound Dog Bed. A cover sewn of sumptuously soft FleeceLock fiber eliminates pilling or shedding, even if she “digs” in and circles before she settles down. Memory Foam and faux fur versions take an excellent bed and make it better still, along with furniture-grade quilted options.
  • ToughChew material is fortified with 1,000-denier ripstop nylon on the outside, and 840-denier nylon on the inside; your determined chewer might poke a hole in it, but that’s as far as he’ll get. You love him to pieces in spite of his inclinations; the Deep Dish ToughChew Dog Bed possesses the same reassuring support as other bolster beds and isperfect for him.
  • An über-luxurious version of the Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam, the Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed possesses an even deeper cushioned sleeping area and a double-stacked bolster. Choose the Lounger for an anxious dog who needs extra security, or choose it for any dog you wish to indulge. (And remember, it’s for the dog.)
  • Got a special needs dog? The Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam and Snap-Off Pad is ideal for dogs who experience incontinence for whatever reason. The bed comes with two machine washable snap-on pads; keep them in rotation and your companion will never need to wait for a clean bed.

He begs like there’s no tomorrow, probably scratches up your hardwoods and door frames, rolls in unmentionable things outside and brings the smelly muck inside with him (thankfully his Orvis dog bed cover zips off and washes in the machine). He’s probably even destroyed a thing or two you wish he hadn’t. But the truth is that he’d lay down his life for you, and you can’t imagine yours without him. The gift of a bolster dog bed is the gift of love you can give right back to your deserving, tail-wagging companion.