Linen Clothing Collection: The “Perfect Go-To Summer Blouse”

Fabulous summer blouse! I bought one of these in every color and now have six of them! They fit well, launder beautifully and receive lots of compliments. My perfect go-to summer blouse.                                                                   —Orvis Customer from Los Angeles, CA

The Northeast is known for its gorgeous fall foliage and crisp October air, but we have a dirty little secret: it can be downright sweltering here in summertime. When temperatures hit the 90s and the humidity makes the air feel like a wet blanket, staying comfortable is priority number one. A few years ago, a friend of mine named Suzanne finally got fed up with trying to dress for the sultry conditions, and she came up with a simple rule for her warm-weather wardrobe: “Linen or Leave It.” If it isn’t linen, it doesn’t come out of the closet.

Of course, the benefits of linen clothing in hot weather are well known, and there are even some statistics to back up Suzanne’s reliance on this natural fabric. One study showed that those wearing linen clothes had a skin temperature up to 7 degrees cooler than those wearing other fabrics. Because linen is both slightly stiff and permeable, it hangs away from the body, lets air flow between the wearer and the garment, and dries quickly. Plus, it cools as it dries. This is why the fabric doesn’t stick to you or feel clammy.

So before you choose something that feels light, think about Suzanne’s simple rule, and wear linen clothing that actually keeps you cool.

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