Men’s Sweaters: the most evocative garments, by far

Boiled-Wool Snap-Front Pullover
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“This pullover is not only warm but has a very classy, rugged look. It goes great with jeans, khaki pants or outdoor wear. I would recommend this to anyone!” – Orvis customer TheresaAnne

When it comes to my husband’s clothing choices, I’m pretty easygoing. I may think flat-front khakis look sharper than pleated, but he’s a grown man and free to shop without my input.

Except for when he’s in the market for sweaters. I am smitten with men’s sweaters, and suggestions flow freely where they are concerned. Classic crews, chunky wool knits, rich cashmere, or relaxed cardigans—I bookmark my favorites and send them his way. Since he ultimately makes his own clothing calls, I’m darn thankful he’s on board with my simple credo when it comes to sweaters for men: get many, make sure they fit well, and wear often.

In men’s fashion, I find sweaters the most evocative garment by far. In an Irish fisherman’s sweater, men look for all the world as though they’re heading out onto the high seas to haul in the day’s catch. No matter that they are heading to pick up milk in a light rain—they resemble handsome seafarers to me.

A simple zip cardigan can make a fellow look as though he’s full of the comforting wisdom of Mr. Rogers, whether he is or not.

Worn with confidence, a shawl-collar cardigan can add a touch of Steve McQueen-cool to an ensemble. A turtleneck sweater calls to mind the King of Cool again as his iconic character, Bullitt. Come to think of it, a little Steve McQueen soul seems woven into any properly-fitting sweater.

If forced at knitting-needle-point to pick a favorite among men’s sweaters, I’d have to go with the humble cardigan. They may be the quintessential old-man sweater, but I’m okay with that. My granddad was awesome and wore his cardigans well. Without a doubt, they are the most flexible of styles. You can dress up with a cashmere cardigan or go for a more relaxed look with a cable-knit. They come zip-up or button-front, with a collar or without, and they are super easy to put on and remove for comfort.

Let me reiterate, guys—you can’t go wrong with sweaters so long as they fit well. Too tight and a sweater looks, well, uncomfortable and tight, especially if layered. Too loose and a sweater looks sloppy.

When my husband heads out into the world, he’s put together no matter what he is wearing. And he always looks huggable and handsome to me. But when he throws a sweater in the mix, he’s just a little more put-together, huggable and handsome. That’s a powerful piece of clothing.

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